Manager for a Day at Chelopech Mine

As a host of the event, which gives a start to students’ careers, DPM received twelve high school students from Chelopech and Zlatitsa as part of the initiative the Company has been involved for 13 years now. They all had the opportunity to share and experience one day in the life of various managers of our Company.

By joining the initiative, Dundee Precious Metals helps motivated young people from the Srednogorie region to discover their vocation and gain practical experience in a real business.


“We chose a slightly different approach this year, and directly delivered presentations on the Manager for a Day Initiative to some of the students. That enabled us to share more information about various occupations and about the application process under the program.  It is insufficient, but one day can be very useful for student’s career orientation, especially to 11 and 12 graders. That is the exact moment, where they should choose a professional area they would like to pursue a career in,” said Nikolina Rashkova, Organizational Development Supervisor.

“As part of the initiative, it became clear that the students are highly motivated to make an informed choice about their future education and job.  It is exactly that opportunity we provide to the students with our involvement in the initiative, and that is why our organization is part of it,” she added also.


“I am involved in this initiative for the first time, and I found it challenging to help a student experience the nature of the job within such a short time.  It is only one day, but the opportunity to experience a job through involvement in such a program is very useful to young people for their future professional development. Their real encounter with the workplace atmosphere helps them acquire valuable knowledge and skills, which enables them to find out which professional area is suitable for them. Our company demonstrated our responsibility to the development of young people by helping them reveal their talents and capabilities,” explained Antoaneta Gerdzhikova, Legal Officer, Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD


“This is a good initiative. My impression is the children at this age are showered by information. It is difficult for them to sort it out and assess it, which results in confusion. Within the day, we spoke of information security, and it was very important for me to share how a young person should prepare themselves, since professions are very dynamic today. The secret is in brain training. Just like the way a well-trained athlete is able to handle various sports, a well-trained brain can find ways to handle various situations.  It would be useful for teachers to benefit from such an opportunity to visit us as well,” Svilen Stefanov, Corporate Manager ICT Infrastructure.


Here is what some participants shared:

Georgy Gerdzhikov, Security Department: “I am glad I was able to see what I wanted to see, because I want to become a police officer and develop my career in that area. I participated in a meeting with a vendor, which sells security-related software”. I also joined a patrol of the security gates throughout the minesite. If I have to describe one day of a manager’s job, I would call it a challenge.

Hristina Angelova, CSR and Communications Department:  “I had no particular expectations. I enjoyed the day, as there were a variety of activities I was involved in. I found it interesting that one of the Department’s responsibilities is to make arrangements  for advertising items and gifts for the Company employees. I was impressed by the co-worker relationships between various departments: they all smiled and greeted each other.”

Silvia Nikolova, Technical Services: “I learned a lot about what various units at Tech Services do. Everybody was very responsive and told me about their jobs. The most interesting part was with underground surveyors and the 3D models they showed me. They clearly use the most contemporary applications. I think I will seek a degree in the IT area after high school.”

Deyan Alipiev, Finance Department: “I enjoyed being part of the initiative. There were fun moments while we communicated in the team. I can think of two options for my further education  – either finance or software engineering.”