American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)


On November 7th, 25 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) presented their causes and initiatives to students from the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). The event is held for a second year running, and  interest has increased significantly – in 2017 participating NGOs were 15 compared to 25 this year. The format is unconventional – a festival or a fair where NGOs attract in a creative way motivated students for their causes by presenting not only job opportunities but also opportunities for volunteering and empathy.

The motto of the festival is “A hopeful Bulgaria: connecting students to change-makers”. This format has been selected to encourage the two sides in communication. According to plan interactive presentations were held with limited time for every organization. Hopefully, within this schedule organizations was able to engage students in their causes and opportunities for inclusion. Organizations will receive feedback from students on how they can improve their work. An anticipated result is also the immediate inclusion of students in a particular cause or organization.


The event brought together organizations of varying capacity and sphere of activity: Teach for Bulgaria (education), Association Footura (sport), For Our Children Foundation (care for vulnerable children), Trust for Social Achievement (social justice), Active Bulgarian Society (inter-cultural dialogue), Alzheimer Association Bulgaria (medicine and care), 180DC consulting (student consultancy services), Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournaments Foundation (BEST Foundation, debates and leadership), Ecosystem Europe Association (empowerment of young people), A21 Bulgaria (against human trafficking and present-day slavery), Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (in support of civil society), Sofia Bread House (social-cultural center), Foundation Cultural Heritage Institute (preservation of cultural heritage), CVS Bulgaria (protection of social values), EU Citizens Alliance (human rights), Center for Interethnic Dialog and Tolerance Amalipe (integration of Roma), YOUTHub Association (professional development of young people), WWF Bulgaria (environmental protection), ACC&U jointly with, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (environmental protection), For the Nature Coalition (environmental protection), AIESEC (student leadership organization), AEGEE-Europe (encouraging the activity of young Europeans), RSO Blagoevgrad (rights of the blind) and American Councils for International Education (education).

The main goal of the event is to provide a platform to students who would engage in topics generating change. In the meantime it is also aimed at supporting the work of the NGO sector with new ideas, as well as at promoting intensive exchange between the two sides to the benefit of civil society.


About the American University in Bulgaria

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) offers excellent U.S. education at a very competitive price, with outstanding alumni success worldwide. AUBG is accredited both in the United States by NECHE and in Europe by Bulgaria’s National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation. As a result, upon successful completion of their studies, AUBG students obtain dual American and European diplomas. AUBG offers 12 BA programs, an Executive MBA program, and a joint venture Executive Master in Finance, Banking & Real Estate with SDA Bocconi. AUBG is home to about 1,000 students from 40+ countries, and 70+ faculty from almost 20 countries. AUBG provides the best student facilities in the region: from comfortable dorms to the award-winning building of the America for Bulgaria Student Center, and the largest English-language library in Southeast Europe, students enjoy a safe, world-class residential campus. Approximately 5,000 alumni graduated from AUBG with 99.8% employed or enrolled in grad school within a few months of graduation. Furthermore, AUBG is an undisputed education leader for a seventh consecutive year according to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education national university ranking.