Lockheed Martin

James Robinson: Choosing F-16 Supports the relations among Bulgaria, U.S.A, and NATO

James Robinson’s Lockheed Martin interview for BloombergTV Bulgaria.

The relations between Bulgaria and the United States of America are good. That is obvious from the number of investments the U.S. Government makes in the country, as well as in Graf Ignatievo Air Base, said Mr. Robinson.

He also pointed out that Lockheed Martin aims at new projects, and in Bulgaria the company sees many opportunities.

What comes before us with regard the new jet fighters competition, it shows bright future for your country too, said Mr. Robinson.

Lockheed Martin is confident that the investment in F-16 will help not only Bulgaria, but it will help the relations among Bulgaria, The United States and NATO.

With regard the New Armament Competition of the Bulgarian Army, Robinson expressed his excitement that similar to other competition projects, the company’s team is confident that it will present in the best possible way.

F-16 is the best option for the Bulgarian Air Force. This is a complete package that includes not only the best jet-fighter of fourth generation, but also simulators, weaponry, training. F-16 is one of the most reliable jet-fighters worldwide.

Robinson was F-16 jet-fighter pilot and now works for the company. He thinks that the plane is unique in terms of reliability, and the new technologies incorporated in it make it even better.


Watch the interview in Bulgarian.