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The Education of the Future: Flexible, Adapting, and Relevant

For the first time in Bulgaria leading organizations joined efforts for a large-scale forum which to set-up the key questions related to the future of the education in Bulgaria. Another goal of the event was to give short-term measurable recommendations to the Ministry of Education and Science.

Education for the Future Forum was the biggest educational event in 2018 in the country. It took place on November 23-24, 2018. There are ten organizations and whose team’s joint efforts lead to a more sustainable improvement of the quality of the education in the country: America for Bulgaria Foundation, Teach for All Foundation, Industry watch, Economedia, Muzeiko, Education Bulgaria 2030 Association, Trust for Social Advancement, Center for inclusive Education, Creative Education Center, The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. The forum was organized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Science. There were 60 companies, two business chambers, and 30 civic and branch organizations.


Taking into Account:
  • Education as ultimate priority of the Government
  • the positive tendencies such as the increased funds for education, the change of the financing model linked with the results; reforms in the key policies in the pre-school and school, university, and vocational education
  • the data from the latest educational and training monitoring of the European Commission in 2018, that show that the trends of the reforms do not meet the scale of the challenges in front of the Education System in Bulgaria (more than 40% of functional illiteracy among the 15-year-old students; 12,7 % premature left school);
  • the challenges among the young people to find successful realization – professional and personal, lacking key skills for the world today and of the future
  • lack of qualified human capital as main hurdle in the continuing growth of the industries with added economic value

We, the ten organizations join around key short-term goals of the education which were extracted from the Forum’s discussions with all stakeholders in the two-day event. We state that our support in achieving those goals with all possible instruments of our work:


Educational organization

  • State policy for empowerment of the schools via the intsruments of the delegated budgets
  • Autonomy of the school management in managing the human resources, educational content building, and organizing an educational process meeting the specific needs of the school
  • Significant bigger percentage of flexibility of the school plans and programs – according the needs and the interests of the students, and inline of the schools profile
  • creating of instrumnets for measuring the results in the education system that reflect the requirements for skills development in the XXI centutry, incl. change of the content of the National External Evaluation and the State Matriculation Exams, and updating of the exam programs for obtaining a vocational qualification diploma.


Training and Support of the Teachers

  • Reforming of the University Programs for preparation of the teachers;
  • more practical training of the future teachers – in more schools or universities with different educational background
  • Attracting more students in Pedagogy or in Educational Pedagogy with scholarships to certain social groups (men, or people with lower income), and easier access to training (not seated in the major cities)
  • Securing quality support to the teachers when the start work at a school, incl. mentoring that help them with feedback, in planning, evaluation, etc. In addition, the current teachers to get an increase of their skills and knowledge.
  • Continuous training and education of the teachers in skill-development that we want to see in the children too (critical thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership, digital skills)
  • developing of the management skills of the principals and the teachers – the teacher of the future can make manage process. The business itself can support this process
  • Active feedback of the efficiency of the qualification training
  • Active and long-term campaign for improving of the image of the teachers. Zero tolerance towards aggression against teachers.


Creating an Educational Eco-system

Utilizing the Potential of the Technologies for the Education of the Future

Vocational Education of the Future

Early Start towards the Skills of the Future


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