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Investor Media Group expands its web media portfolio with a new website about martial arts and sports –

Investor Media Group adds one of the most widely read martial arts and sports sites to its web media portfolio – The media group, which, according to Gemius (November, 2018), is the second most preferred among the Bulgarian users, has become a majority shareholder of the online martial arts media, owning 70% of the share. presents up-to-date, interesting and detailed content about the world of martial arts, as well as exclusive interviews with the biggest athletes in the field of boxing, wrestling, grappling, karate, MMA, kickboxing and Muay Thai, sambo and many others.

Investor Media Group has a very diverse portfolio which offers content for a wide audience. Being a majority shareholder of, we are not only broadening our product range, but we are also opening the door to a very different world, the world of martial arts. The aim of the media group has always been to create and develop innovative media products which provide high-quality, interesting and analytical content. This policy will continue with We are also working on the successful synergy between the website and our other media products”, said Victoria Mitkova, CEO of Investor Media Group.

The readers of will also have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of video content – from live streaming of the most interesting martial arts leagues to exclusive interviews with the first-rate players in the field. Moreover, a new TV project of will be broadcast on Bulgaria ON AIR soon. will also give access to curious tips that will help not only those who are actively engaged in martial sports, but also non-professionals.

Since November 2018 a sports journalist with more than a decade of experience is the new editor in chief of Desislava Dzhermanska comes to after serving for seven years as editor and sports presenter at Bulgaria ON AIR, where she discovered her passion for martial arts. Desislava Dzhermanska previously worked in print and online media.

“Bulgarian sports journalism needs specialized media for martial arts and sports. These sports have a very loyal and demanding audience. I can assure all fans of the martial sports that prepares very interesting and quality media products, which from now on, will be seen in different formats”, explained Desislava Dzhermanska.


About Investor Media Group

Investor Media Group is one of the biggest media groups in Bulgaria and the only Bulgarian public company that owns TV channels. With a market share of 49% in November 2018 (according to Gemius), the company has established itself as the second most popular online media group in the country.

The TV channels Bulgaria ON AIR and Bloomberg TV Bulgaria (the first international business and financial channel adapted to the local audience) are part of the portfolio of Investor Media Group. In 2017 the media group made the biggest investment in the Bulgarian education by acquiring 90% of one of the most successful economic schools in the country – The University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship.

The digital portfolio of the group includes – the online video platform of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, the television website, the leading news site, the most reliable source of financial information, the lifestyle site for the modern young people, the online platform for the modern woman, the sports news site, the leading health website, the only online media for the teenagers, the real estate site with the best properties, the children’s portal, the automotive news site, the online counselling service, the career development site, and others. Bulgaria ON AIR national radio station with coverage in 33 cities in the country, as well as the magazines Bulgaria ON AIR The Inflight Magazine, Investor Digest and GO ON AIR The Traveler’s Magazine (the in-flight magazines of the national carrier Bulgaria Air) are also part of Investor Media Group.