Asarel-Medet Managers and Experts discussed education with Minister Valchev

The Human Resources Director at Assarel-Medet JSC, Tsveta Velichkova, the Personnel Department Manager, Neli Poptoleva and the person in charge of training organizing, Stoyan Boev, were invited to a work meeting with the Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Krasimir Valchev.

The meeting took place in the Municipal Administration hall on February 5 and its main topic was the implementation of the dual education project in Panagyurishte.

The minister expressed his approval of this project which unites the efforts of the business, the Municipality and the professional high school. Details regarding the current legal framework and potentials on how to improve the model were discussed.

Tsveta Velichkova handed in a copy of a short movie to the Minister which shows how high school students perceive dual training and what their opportunities for professional development are.