AmCham Bulgaria will work towards increased regional and transatlantic cooperation and puts more emphasis on membership engagement.

The Chamber will focus on Sustainable Business Climate and Investments, Digital Economy and Innovation, and Human Capital Development, as well as respecting fundamental rights, ethical principles, and values.



The Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria set the priorities for the next couple of years. The leadership of the Chamber outlined four strategic priorities that ensure continuity with the previous period and address the dynamic business environment.

In the period 2019-2020 the organization will focus on Sustainable Business Climate and Investments, Digital Economy and Innovation, Human Capital Development, and Regional and Transatlantic Cooperation.

The sustainable business climate priority will be addressed by engaging with strategic projects and seeking sectorial regional and transatlantic cooperation. Attracting and retaining investors and investments in Bulgaria is critical and we will work towards this end by promoting the country through various contacts abroad as well as identifying the critical elements for easing doing business in the country. Main goal here is the ultimate implementation of rule of law and law enforcement.

In relation to Digital Economy and Innovation the Chamber will focus on various topics, including Industry 4.0, Cyber Security & Privacy, and how-to develop further the Start-up & Innovation Ecosystem in Bulgaria.

Being among the prominent employers’ organizations in the country the Chamber will engage with human capital development in two major directions: competition for talent and the future of work.

The Board and the Committees will dedicate time and effort to increase the engagement and satisfaction of the members with the aim to bring more added value to them and to upgrade the reputation of the Chamber.

The Chamber will focus on Sustainable Business Climate and Investments, Digital Economy and Innovation, and Human Capital Development, as well as respecting fundamental rights, ethical principles, and values.


Committees and Working Groups

The Board approved the following composition of AmCham Committees and Working Groups which will work towards the achievement of the priorities of the Chamber.



Digital Economy; Energy and Mineral Resources; Healthcare Committee; HR and Education; E-Governance; Tax Committee.

The Digital Economy Committee will work on the development of the Industry 4.0, including artificial intelligence, Cyber Security & Privacy. It will push forward the facilitate the further expansion and/or strengthening the strategic positioning of the Start-up & Innovation Ecosystem in Bulgaria. The role of AmCham Bulgaria will be to introducing more successful case studies and to partner with stakeholders like BESCO, Endeavor, etc.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Committee will continue providing support to the energy community within the Chamber, to provide solid arguments towards further liberalization of the energy market, to support the energy independence of the country, as well as to support the development of the mining sector and member companies in their sustainable projects in Bulgaria.

The Healthcare Committee will work for improvement of the national healthcare system, to create the understanding that a healthier nation has to rely on the best available medicine and hospital care.

The HR and Education Committee will address the major trends here: Competition for talent and the Future of work policy issues. It will work towards alignment of education, labor law framework, synergy between business, educational institutions, government and social organizations/communities.

The E-Governance Committee encompasses the topic related to the transparency of the institutions, assess to services, reduction of the bureaucratic burden, and the ease of doing business in Bulgaria.

The Tax Committee will focus on institutional dialog for sustain and improvement of the taxation in the country.


Working Groups

Payments and Fintech; Capital Markets; Quality Management; and PR, Communications, and CSR.

The Payments and Fintech Working Group will work towards improvement of the legislation with regard the easiness of introduction of the digital and wide-spread payment tools and methods.

The Capital Market Working Group will work for the further development of the capital markets in Bulgaria.

The Quality Management Working Group foster the importance of quality control and standards for better products and successful business.

PR, Communications, and CSR Working Group will work towards creation of a network of member’s communication professionals; to raise awareness about the Chamber’s activities and projects, as well as to promote the American-Bulgarian business relations, incl. CSR activities and investments.


The Committees’ Chairs and Co-chairs will be appointed by the Board of Directors for a mandate of three years with an option for renewal. Next steps of the Committees and their leaders include presenting their actionable objectives for the 2019-2020 period. Those objectives have to be in line with the strategic priorities, as well as to be tangible, measurable, and to benefit the members and to contribute for positioning well the Chamber.


Events, Partnerships

The Board approved the 2019 Events Calendar.

Key events of the Chamber:

  • Business Meeting with the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, September 2019,
  • Start-Up and Innovations Leaders Forum, June 13, 2019
  • Explore USA Conference, April 9, 2019
  • Future of Work in the Digital Economy Conference, November 2019


The social events include:

  • U.S.A. Independence Day Celebration, July 4th
  • Thanksgiving Charity Dinner, November 26th.


The Chamber plans to have sectorial events on topics such as energy, healthcare policy, investments and business climate, human capital, etc. Also, we are planning outreach events in Varna and/or Rousse together with the Embassy of the United States of America in Bulgaria.