Monthly Wrap-Up: How it Starts

Last year we were challenged by some of our bosses to come up with a simple and transparent way of communication to our audiences. The idea they came up with was a regular summary of our goals, achievements, failures and future promises. We used a sunny day to sit down in the lovely park next to our Sofia Headquarters and expanded the idea into a first draft. Everyone at the office loved it, but then summer vacations came, then the busy autumn period and all the end-of-the-year-tasks.


What we achieved

Record lending in 2018

Lets us start with a short recap of 2018. This past year marked several milestones for us in retail lending, which in turn makes 2019 a challenging one. We managed to issue more than 400.000 loans to our customers (including all product offers). We believe, it is quite remarkable achievement making TBI Bank one of the lending leaders not only in Bulgaria but in the region as well. We experienced an exceptional demand for loans in the last quarter – one of the months we were bombarded with nearly 100 k loan applications requests from our customers.
We need to thank our existing and new customers for trusting and choosing us and also our employees who are really dedicated to provide excellent service in our offices and partners network. Bring it on, 2019.


The rebranding of our offices

Knowing when to start anew (or simply freshen things up) is not easy, especially when it comes to brand identity. Last year we announced that we’re going for a refreshed logo. If you were wondering why our new logo is not shining on all of our branches, this is about to change – step by step. Several branches in Sofia have already been rebranded – the ones on Stamboliyski Str., Tsarigradsko Chaussee, and the one at our Headquarters on Dimitar Hadzhikotsev Str. They look really cool and shiny – come check them out. More and more will come: Throughout 2019 we’ll continue the phased office rebranding.

The way we serve our customers there has also changed – we want them to feel comfortable and get quicker access to financing and our other services. We’ve introduced a Welcoming zone to the three rebranded branches with plenty of options for self-service. There are two further concepts there – the Service zone for customers applying for loans up to 5 thousand leva. Our goal is they to spend less than 5 minutes in the branch. For loans of more than 5,000d leva and for our deposit clients we’ve launched the Relationship zone. At the end of the day quality financial service sometimes needs a special touch.


TBI Bank to partner with Telerik Academy

In January we announced our strategic partnership with one of the coolest companies around – Telerik Academy. After building and selling the most successful Bulgarian start up, the founders of Telerik decided to focus on education and launched Telerik Academy aimed at training young IT talent. We’re proud that TBI Bank has become a partner of the academy and we’ll have the upper hand in securing the best talent from their courses.


Where we failed

Delayed launch of our Monthly Wrap-up

In all fairness, we should have launched it in the autumn – you’ve heard the excuses already. The good news is we’re on-board now. 


We’ve competed for a cause

Our corporate football team participated in a charity tournament, supporting a little girl with a rare condition. “Football with a cause” raised 13.000 leva for Sofi, but surely more could have been done. Still, TBI Bank’s team won one game in the tournament but the charity is much more important than the overall victory, right.


Our promise

Our promise is to become the next generation digital lender – most likely you’ve heard this already. But what effect will this have on our customers? Here’s the deal: In 2019 we’ll be launching new products and services, and they will shake things up on the market, we promise you that.

No excuses, no late summer vacations exceptions.


Source: TBI Bank