Olivier Marquette: U.S. Companies have invested more than BGN 4,5 bn in 25 years

Bulgaria is a very important trade partner to the United States. On annual basis Bulgaria exports goods at the amount of USD 600  to the U.S. In parallel, Bulgaria has imported goods at the amount of USD 350 mln. Among the exported goods include not only grops and agriculture products, but also computers, electronics, chemicals, industrial machines. That was announced by Olivier Marquette, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria at In The Move Show hosted be Delyan Petrishki on BloombergTV Bulgaria.

“The trade relationships between the USA and the EU are very strong. Today the joint input of the so-called Transatlantic Economy equals to 1/3 of the global GDP. USA and EU jointly represent 50% of the global individual consumption. Our goal of AmCham BG is to support the bilateral trade cooperation”, said Mr. Marquette.

The recently published Transatlantic Economy Report 2019 analyses all trade statistics between the United States and the European Union as a whole and towards each member state. “It proves that the coupled economies are extremely strong. People tend to forget the depth of the commercial and trade relations on both sides of the Atlantic. This report explains well the current situation and it is a solid base for the negotiations,” explained Mr. Marquette.

The USA is the 6th largest foreign investors in Bulgaria now, pointed Marquette too.


“Inevitably the trade disputes do not led to anything related to new investments and growth. It is being discussed the creation of the common norms between the US and EU that will ease the trade flows. It is important not to have regulatory burdens. The other important economic segment on focus for the USA is the energy,” he said also.

The agreement for the purchase of new jet fighters (ed. F-16 Block 70) we consider that this deal will strengthen the positions of Bulgaria as a NATO ally, and it will lead to industrial cooperation with the United States too.


Source: BloombergTV Bulgaria