Over 300 people joined the safer internet initiative “Digital Scouts” by Telenor

Over 300 people joined Telenor’s game “Digital Scouts: On a hunt for fun and knowledge” dedicated to the topic of safer internet. The game was held over a single day in South Park in Sofia. For the successful completion of the game, the players had to answer correctly to questions about online safety.

The challenges for the kids who participated in the game were questions connected to the risks online and the ways to overcome them. Some of the questions were “What is the difference between online bullying and school bullying?”, “How can I recognize a malicious website?” and “When is it most likely to stumble on a virus?”. The questions were related to topics such as viruses and malicious content, social networks and passwords, etc.

The goal of “Digital Scouts” is to engage and inform children and their parents on the topic of the safer internet. The game is part of the continuing effort of Telenor to provide safe internet. The company supports similar initiatives since 2006, among them the Social Networks Glossary for Parents and Online Bullying Handbook. Telenor was the first telecom company in Bulgaria to launch a filter that blocks web domains containing child sexual abuse materials.

More information on the initiative is available at www.ottebzavisi.net.