Over 500 children and their parents took part in the “Igriada” Children’s Sports Festival

Over 500 children played sports and had fun together with their parents during the “Igriada” Children’s Sports Festival, which took place on 9 June in the Zaimov park.

Traditionally, the participants showed great interest in the parent-kids disciplines – relay games and relay running. The cycling competition and the 50 meter sprint also brought a lot of emotions to the children who competed with their peers. The kids and their parents also showed great team spirit in a Badminton tournament.

This year the sports initiative, organized by Investor Media Group, was held under the slogan “All in the Game” in order to motivate the parents to set a good example to their children. The fifth edition of the Children’s Sports Festival has been able to encourage children and their families to be more responsible for their health.

A special retro corner where the children had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the childhood of their parents, also attracted the attention of the attendees.

Young people with motor difficulties have also been able to experience the emotion of sports thanks to the “paracorner” and the 16-year-old Stephanie Mitova who created a specially designed longboard for children with disabilities.

Great interest was shown towards the professional demonstrations – hockey, aikido, roller skating, karate, longboard, yoga and fencing. The coaches gave the visitors professional advice and the chance to choose the most suitable sporting activity.

All the kids received gifts, while those who showed best results in the sports disciplines were awarded with medals and special prizes.

The “Igriada” Children’s Sports Festival is part of the corporate social responsibility of Investor Media Group.

The event is being held with the support of A1, Alterco Robotics, Compass Invest, Select Asset Management, dm Bulgaria, ECOPACK Bulgaria, Pombar, Doppel Herz, Florina and Devin.

Partners of “Igriada” are: Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian Athletics Federation, Bulgarian Sports Development Association, “Darko Team” Sports Club, Badminton Hall “Europe”, NSA Hockey Club, NSA Table Tennis Club, “Aiki Budo” Sports Club, “Salt &Art”, Fencing Club “Mladost”, Karate Club “Ippon”, Extreme Skate, ParaKids

Media partners of the event are Bulgaria ON AIR, Dnes.bg, Az-deteto.bg, Az-jenata.bg, tialoto.bg, N-Joy.