Yaniv Garty, AmCham Israel and Intel is key note speaker at InnoStart Forum 2019

The agenda of InnoStart Forum 2010, June 20th is full of distinguished speakers – everyone has unique experience and vision about innovation, business development and building culture of improvement.

Yaniv Garty is among the leading key-note speakers at the event, along with Chemi J. Peres, Pitango VC, and Lyubomir Minchev, Telelink. Yaniv’s experience and position in the Israeli business community and innovation ecosystem will benefit the event and its audience.

Yaniv Garty is a Vice President at Intel, and serves as the General Manager of Intel Israel, overseeing the company’s activities and operations in Israel. He joined Intel in 2004 with the acquisition of Envara Inc., and initially served as Chief Operating Officer of Intel’s Broadband Wireless Division.


Subsequently, he managed strategic planning for Wireless Networking Technologies and managed Connectivity Core Solutions – both within the Mobile Wireless Group. Up until June 2018, Garty was the General Manager of the Wireless Connectivity Solutions, a worldwide organization responsible for delivering wireless connectivity technologies and products. These products include Wi-Fi, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and location, Bluetooth, FM and wireless gigabit (WiGig), in addition to IoT flavors of modem and connectivity technologies. Prior to Intel’s acquisition of Envara, Garty ran the company’s North American operation and served as Head of Marketing, Vice President and General Manager.

Earlier in his career, Garty was Chief Operating Officer at Serconet, and Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Optibase Inc. and other positions, mostly in the field of communications and algorithm research. Garty earned his Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University in Israel, and went on to obtain his MBA degree from the university’s Recanati Business School, where he also held a lecturer position.


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