Cargill Bulgaria’s fiscal year-end traditional BBQ party

In June Cargill in Bulgaria celebrated their fiscal year-end with a traditional BBQ party, organized by FoodRocks Events and with a special guest and event creator – Chef Tanyo Shishkov. However this year’s Cargill grill event was with a much bigger purpose – it celebrated both business success and environmental sustainability by creating one of the first of its kind zero waste corporate event. It was the start of Cargill in Bulgaria and chef Tanyo Shishkov’s FoodRocks Events partnership in promoting minimum food waste among Bulgarian households. And a cause like this always starts with people.

During Cargill in Bulgaria’s BBQ party more than a hundred kilos of bio degradable paper, recyclable plastic and leftover food was recycled. All the plastic and paper used during the event was sorted and prepared for recycling by FoodRocks and Cargill in Bulgaria’s employees. Also all the leftover food waste was recycled by donating it to a hunting spot in Rila woods. It was used by the people managing the spot to feed wild bears – which is a protected species often illegally hunted and scared away by trespassers.

Cargill in Bulgaria and FoodRocks’ aim was to set the benchmark and in future create more events like this where a minimum amount of food waste and maximum recycling is a main priority. This way not only companies, but households as well can be inspired to invest more efforts in saving our food and environment.


During the event we collected and recycled the following:

  • Food waste – 65.25 kg.
  • Aluminum cans – 12.82 kg.
  • Plastic bottles – 17.24 kg.
  • Plastic cups and disposable utensils – 9.75 kg.
  • Paper and wooden utensils – 21.5 kg.
  • Paper boxes – 17.5 kg.