TigerCash – The newest from JobTiger Recruitment

JobTiger Recruitment presents our new program for rewarding job candidates – TigerCash.

We believe that taking on a new career path is a change… a change that requires investing time, resources and effort. This is why we wish to reward the people making such changes.

With the TigerCash program, each successfully hired through JobTiger Recruitment candidate will receive an additional one-time reward of up to 1,000 BGN at the end of the probationary period. The program is available for everyone – it is only required to apply for any of the JobTiger Recruitment open positions. The candidates go through a standard recruitment process. Usually the process includes a conversation with a JobTiger Recruiter, followed by the specific required steps set by the employer. The amount that each successfully hire candidate will receive is shown in the respective job posting.

TigerCash is a unique chance for every candidate that adds additional value to the process of their career development.

You may find more information about TigerCash and terms and conditions here.