Telenor saved more than 143 tons of paper in 2018

In 2018, Telenor reports more than 143 tons of paper saved, thanks to the growing number of customers, who are taking advantage of the electronic invoices in the business portal of the operator or through the MyTelenor app. Because of the operator’s efforts for responsible use of natural resources, in just a year, the company managed to reduce the amount of used paper by 8%, compared to 2017, to reduce by 50% the refrigerants use and to achieve 7% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. This came as a conclusion from the 2018 Telenor CSR Report, which the telecom publishes for eight year in a row.

Currently, 27 of the Telenor base stations are hybrid and in good weather conditions they are using solar and wind energy. During 2018, the green energy consumption increased by 13%, thus reducing significantly greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants. At the same time, in 2018 the operator marked considerable reduction in its electricity consumption, saving close to 372 MWh, as it marks 14% reduced consumption in the offices and 23% in the storehouse. The optimization and the high efficiency of the base stations is leading to a minimal increase of 15% of the used energy since 2015, compared to over 500% growth in data transfer for the same period.

Telenor continues to collect and turn over for recycling obsolete electrical and electronic equipment as well as telephones and accessories. In 2018, Telenor shops collected 4.5 times more mobile phones for recycling and 2.5 times more accessories compared to the previous year.

Telenor is publishing their CSR reports since 2010, which is fulfilling their commitment to reporting periodically their progress in sustainable development. Telenor supports sustainable initiatives, that have great social impact and significance and show sustainability and stability over time.

Another step towards achieving the company’s CSR goals is the Open Mind program for professional development and social integration of people with disabilities that has been implemented by the company for a fourth year in a row. It aims to change the overall attitude towards the people with disabilities and to show that they are a fully functional part of our society. Within two years the participants in the program work on specific projects in Telenor, and the company provides to them open and accessible working environment and the respective financial remuneration for the taken position.

During 2018 Telenor continued to develop the Safer Internet campaign, broadening its range by increasing the number of trained children, as well as organizing supplementary activities through which to reach a broader audience. Over 2500 children from 28 schools from 15 cities successfully passed the online safety trainings within the 2018 program.

You can see the full Report here.