Telenor continues its 5G trials with a remote mentoring of amateur cooks

Telenor held its second 5G trial, part of a series of practical tests, with a remote mentoring session for three couples of amateur cooks, among whom popular bloggers and journalists. The session was held by chef Andre Tokev from Burgas, who was mentoring the amateur-cooks over 5G while they were preparing food in the kitchen of his restaurant in Sofia.

During the session Andre Tokev was keeping a close eye on the actions of the amateurs through VR glasses and a live video feed captured with a 360-degrees camera placed in the kitchen in his restaurant in Sofia. That way he was able to give timely guidance in the preparing of the three-course menu. The three couples were the communications expert and author Ana Dinkova and Alexander Bogoyavlenski, professional pilot and journalist, the tech blogger Nikola Balov and his partner and musician Valya Karadzhova and the former journalist and current designer Anna Uzunova and the radio host Mihail Dyuzev.

The three couples hobby cooks had an hour to prepare one of the meals of the menu. At the end of the event the professional chefs of restaurant ANDRé had the opportunity to taste the prepared meals. The guests of the event in Burgas had the opportunity to watch 360-degree 4K content through VR glasses, as well as to test and play online games over 5G. Host of the demonstration was the ambassador of Telenor’s 5G campaign – the popular Bulgarian actor Bashar Rahal.

This was the second of a series of practical 5G trials of Telenor under the slogan “5G trials for a better future”. During Telenor’s first 5G trial at the end of July, doctors at Pirogov hospital from Sofia conducted a remote examination of a patient who was in Haskovo.


The company plans to continue the 5G demonstrations in the coming months, exploring the potential of the next generation of mobile technology. These 5G experiments will be specifically designed to address precise needs in the areas of production, education, mentoring, entertainment industry and art. All news about Telenor 5G tests, as well as information about upcoming events, can be found here.


About Telenor Bulgaria

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