For 10 years “Career Days” – has proven that in Bulgaria there is a job for young specialists

The youth career forums are the place, where many talented young people have taken the first step in their career development. Every year the companies are looking for students and youth specialists to join their teams and help them to achieve the goals that were set for the company. JobTiger makes everything possible to make the connection between young people and the leading employers on the market. This is the reason why for already 18 years we have been organizing career fairs – to bring the business and education closer together.

The career fair “Career Days” in the sectors of Economy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Customer Service, aims to connect at one place students and young specialists with leading Bulgarian and international companies which are looking for employees with well developed skills in the above-mentioned sectors. In 2019 the event will be held on 28th of November in the foyer of University of National and World Economy.

When we talk about career fair participation, lets firstly recall the main benefits that became reasons for the annual increase of the companies-participants. The biggest advantage for the employers is the opportunity a certain company to present their internship opportunities or full-time job to young and talented potential employees. Another fact that could not be underestimated is that a huge part of the students gives their CV’s to the representatives of the companies-participants, which helps them to enrich their data base of valuable potential employees. In this way the employers renew their data base with applications that could be used after the forum. The participation in career events is also a chance for the companies to explain to young people for themselves, their values and traditions, which is a great way to develop successfully an Employer Branding.  This is a great way for each company to “highlight” itself as a preferred employer among all the businesses that provides job opportunities on the labor market.

Another advantage for the employers is the given opportunity to get acquainted with the competition in the industry and position themselves against their direct competitors – being able to determine the labor market and where they stand. Finally, resources such as time and money are of great importance to every company. The whole recruitment process is time-consuming and usually the recruitment specialists fail to find the right candidates for the needs and goals of the company. By taking part in career exhibitions, companies save time and money. There is no doubt that this would be a win-win situation for every company and recruitment specialist – the opportunity to meet over 1,000 potential candidates within a day is not only useful but very effective. The common result is more, and better, candidates hired, for less resources spent.

“Career Days” – Economy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Customer Service fought its way through the career events calendar in Bulgaria, and for 9 years of existence it made it possible for hundreds of companies to meet and hire their new employees. Once again, for the 10th jubilee event, JobTiger relies on the formula proven to work – to unite the best and the most pro-active companies and visitors. Our company knows that a day of interviews, informal talks and meetings is what the participants need.

Over the years, the career fairs have proven their authority and representation, made many friends and followers as well as it provokes higher interest among the students. As the largest career event organizer, we are convinced of the benefits that companies receive with their participation.

The registrations are still open. Take an advantage and register your company on the early bird prices for participation until 31st of August!

“Career Days” – Economy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Customer Service is organized by JobTiger, a company for complex HR services together with Inter-University Center for Career Development and the Student Union in UNWE, under the patronage of Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Vasilev Stattev


More information about the event and registration can be obtained from JobTiger team: [email protected] or by phone: 02 49 180 13/22.