Postbank provides 10 scholarships for training at SoftUni

Postbank provided 10 scholarships for training at SoftUni to the winners of the first edition of the Brain Games game, which took part in July and August on the Facebook page of the financial institution. It had two strands – programming and design. Brain Games is a game for “clever” and “creative” people. It is divided in two separate competitions – Superpower: Design, and C<>d<>es. Postbank’s initiative for granting scholarships for training at SoftUni is part of the lender’s strategic partnership with the modern educational institution, which started in 2018. The project is related to the bank’s comprehensive social responsibility policy, which is focused on young people and education.

In the C<>d<>es competition, the participants had to cope with various tasks and answer questions in the area of programming. Nearly 900 answers were submitted for just five days. The Superpower: Design game challenged the creative skills of participants. The people willing to compete in it had to submit designs for Postbank’s credit and debit cards before a certain deadline. The submissions were put to the direct vote of the followers of Postbank’s Facebook page. The winning five designs were selected after receiving a total of over 2,700 votes for five days.

The Brain Games game reached over 150,000 Facebook users for a month and a half. The audience was really active and involved, as the number of reactions to the game, such as comments, likes and shares, exceeded 50,000. Participants engaged and attracted the interest of their friends and acquaintances, who supported them in the competition. The response of the audience was entirely positive and the submissions for the Superpower: Design game were 65 percent more than expected.

All winners in the Brain Games competition, who won the most votes of the followers of Postbank’s Facebook page, have already selected training courses at SoftUni, including Programming Fundamentals, Graphic Design, QA Automation and others.

The partnership between Postbank and SoftUni is focused on the fact that Bulgarian economy needs qualified people with in-depth digital competence. The business creates the environment which would unlock their creativity, curiosity and potential, while SoftUni gives them practical knowledge in areas of high added value. The project is a way to motivate students to get a chance for career development in a leading company, which encourage them to stay and build a career in Bulgaria. It outlines to trainees the prospect of working closer on real business projects and tasks under the mentorship of Postbank experts. There is an option for them to become interns at the bank and, if they do well, they could work for the company. Postbank employees can also build upon their digital knowledge and competence at SoftUni, including by taking specialized courses.

More about the winners of the tough Brain Games competition can be found on the Facebook page of Postbank.

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