ScaleFocus Enters into a New Unique Office in Burgas, Growing Rapidly the Local Software Ecosystem

In June 2018 in Burgas we opened our first Black Sea office and third software development center in Bulgaria, as part of our national expansion. Continuing this plan the following October we opened the fourth software development center in Varna. Since then, we grew a total team of our Black Sea family to more than 90 outstanding software specialists and we plan to grow further!


New Office at Burgas Marina

Friday, the 23rd of August 2019, was a major point for the Burgas team, which has been rapidly growing and needed more space to continue to do so. We moved into our new home at Burgas Marina, a stylish business office, right by the sea with astonishing view. This is an important step that gives us the flexibility to grow and expand our Burgas software development center.

Currently our Burgas family has 50 software specialists with different technologies and domain expertise – Java, PHP, JavaScript, .NET, Angular, Android, iOS and others. We plan to open 100 new positions in Burgas, hiring and growing local talent in the months to come. We have been working very closely with various local government and educational institutions together planning how to engage and educate more local software talent.

As part of the strategic partnership with the two universities in the city, we train young software specialists on real projects, delivering software for our global customer base. We are really trying to give every bright software engineering mind a chance to work on projects on global level, which matter.” – Metodi Amov, Burgas Site Lead, ScaleFocus.

Besides investing heavily into local education, ScaleFocus is running a campaign for relocation to Burgas. One of our company goals is to diversify and decentralize the spread of IT talent in Bulgaria, covering not only the larger cities, but smaller towns as well. We believe Burgas is an outstanding place to live and work in, with great potential and people living in it. We give the chance to foreigners and Bulgarians living in Sofia or other places around the country to move in Burgas and be a part of ScaleFocus and the vibrant life of the city. Our program includes a relocation package, taking care of your journey in moving to one of the best cities to live in Bulgaria.


Check-out the story of our colleague Petar, who relocated to Burgas in the pursuit of creating quality software – Moving Back Home: Petar Yordanov and Burgas.


Office Opening Ceremony

At the ceremony we had official guests from Burgas Municipality and the two universities in the city. The mayor of Burgas, Mr. Dimitar Nikolov was present to wish good luck and lot of new customers.

Source: ScaleFocus