EVA Postbank app answers the questions about the acquisition of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria

EVA Postbank is the first mobile banking app in Bulgaria with a live chat feature, specially developed to mark the acquisition of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria to the benefit both of the clients of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria during the merge process and Postbank’s current clients. The unique modern interactive app is part of Postbank’s strategy for improvement and building upon the digital solutions the bank provides. What is of key importance to Postbank is offering convenient customer service methods, customized to clients’ dynamic everyday life and needs that arise any time and any place.

EVA Postbank is a virtual assistant, which is installed on clients’ phones and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of the bank’s products and services, the merger of the two banks, the location of the closest offices and ATMs and many others. EVA Postbank advises clients to contact the lender’s experts via the live chat feature in order to receive more information and additional consultation.

“We are amidst a process of legal and operational integration with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria. This last step is important for us and for the bank’s clients. The correct and timely information about changes as a whole and the products clients are using takes a big part of our efforts to make the process easier and more convenient for them. The new mobile app, EVA Postbank, is one of the instruments we have. Clients can use it to find answers to their questions about their everyday banking activities and the upcoming changes which will concern them as clients of a bigger bank institution,” Postbank commented.

EVA Postbank is an innovative communication channel the clients of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria can use to stay informed 24/7 and in the most convenient way for them about the most frequently asked questions– from IBAN change, changes in products and services to everyday banking activities.

The unique app is really useful also for Postbank’s current clients. It provides them with concise information about the products and services the bank offers, credit calculators with useful tips for clients about what to do if they lose their bank card, it gets withheld by an ATM, they forget the user name or password of their online banking account, the PIN of their debit or credit card, and many others. Thanks to the banking app, clients have the opportunity for the first time to use a live chat feature to contact a Postbank consultant and get more information.

“Our analysis shows that people prefer online consultation. The number of online transactions have doubled compared to office transactions in the last few years. This is why, in 2018, we launched the first bank credit chatbot in Bulgaria, EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant), which provides useful information via Facebook Messenger app. There are over 100 consumer chats with EVA chatbot a day on the average. This type of virtual assistants is the main choice of the people seeking fast, easy and informal 24/7 contact with their bank. Keeping abreast with the trend of digitalization of services and knowing our clients’ style, we are launching a mobile app we are sure will become clients’ personal virtual assistant. With this app we are making another step forward in our strife to create a new standard for modern and digital bank service, focusing on the perfect consumer experience,” Postbank added.

EVA Postbank app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, and can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and App Store.