Assarel-Medet Celebrated its Holiday with Messages for Unity and Eternal Hits

“I would like to make a few wishes today for the holiday. Let us never forget, even when we are so successful, from where we started and what we went through together. Let us not forget who was beside us not only during the holidays, but also in difficult times. Let us continue pursuing our proven successful values, policies and strategies, initiated by Professor Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov.

He must be looking at us from somewhere and enjoying today with us. Let us be united and think not only about ourselves, but also about our whole company, about the society and Bulgaria, because only in this way we will be strong and resilient and will be able to make all Bulgarians, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren happy and happy“. This message was extended to the thousands of employees of Assarel-Medet JSC, veterans of the company and the thousands of guests at the traditional celebration of Miner’s Day and also corporate holiday  by the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, Dimitar Tsotsorkov.

“Together with the Municipality, institutions and whole society, we need to reach an agreement and develop a comprehensive model for the development of the hometown, in which business has its specific role and commitments to follow. Because the pledge is huge and tomorrow our successors will not be interested in how much ore we have mined, but will ask what we achieved and in what we failed in providing them with a direction and basis for development. We must all realize that, with our work today, we are predetermining not only our destinies, but also the future of at least several generations.”

The Chairperson of the Management Board, Eng. Delcho Nikolov, addressed those who spoke in the Panagyurishte colonies these words to all people present at that moment at the village of Panagyurski Kolonii. He announced that this year the company invested 64% more than the same period last year and that more than 150 million BGN will be invested in the seven sustainable development programs of the company  in 2019. The executive director added that the cost value per tonne of material produced in the first six months was with more than 9% lower than planned. He also gratefully emphasized that these good results were the outcome of the entire Asarel-Medet team efforts.

The entertainment

Stanislav Slanev – Stanley‘s hit Be As You Are has become a creative summary of the holiday spirit. At the end of the celebration, the popular singer, along with his band Stanley Live Band (front-man on the photo below – ed.), brought us back to the romantic times of Bulgarian rock with songs such as Wealth, Lead Soldier, Juliet, Obsessed and more. Earlier, the attractive Maria Ilieva cheered up the audience which in its turn applauded the star of Like Two Drops of Water Stefan Ilchev and Vladimir Ampov – Grafa, who changed off  between sensual ballads with hot summer songs.

The spectators felt like protagonists in a fairy tale during  the performance of the Pirin National Ensemble while the traditional corporate choro dance led by the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board Dimitar Tzotorkov and the flag-bearer Petko Dzunov was played under the  sounds of masterly musicians. Petko Dzhunov was awarded for his continuous 40-year career at Asarel-Medet JSC. Such recognition of their professionalism and loyalty to the company was also also given to 235 of his colleagues.
The local artists from the Delcho Radichev Brass Band, Elinor Cheerleader Group at the Support Center for Personal Development in Panagyurishte, the representatives of Tangra dance group from the village of Popintsi and Nikola Skachkov also showed their skills on the stage.

A delicious addition to the program was the special “beef kurban”, prepared quickly, easily and deliciously by the master of the ladle, Uti Bachvarov, and boiled in a pot of authentic Assarel copper vessel. The youngest visitors also forgot about the boredom after indulging in entertainment and games organized by clowns and animators on the playground in the village.

Following the old tradition, the solemn celebration began in the St. Ivan Rilski chapel with a blessing of waters wishing that  health, well-being and the protection by the Saint patron of miners and all Bulgarians  be spread over those present at the traditional Asarel holiday!

Guests of the Celebration

The holiday was honored by the ambassadors of the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Belarus, HE. Karidat Milian and Alexander Lukashevich. Among the official guests were the deputy of the National Assembly prof. Stanislav Stanilov, Regional Governor Stefan Mirev and his deputy Yordan Kozhuharov, Mayor of Panagyurishte Municipality Nikola Belishki, the Chairperson of the Municipal Council in Panagyurishte Hristo Kaloyanov, municipal councilors and mayors of municipalities and villages in the  region. The trade unions were represented by their leaders – the presidents of the Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria  and Podkrepa Labor Confederation Plamen Dimitrov and Dimitar Manolov, as well as Vladimir Topalov, President of Podkrepa Trade Union Mining Federation.

Representatives of industry and employers’ organizations, partners of the company, representatives of the media, municipal and state institutions, educational, cultural and non-governmental organizations honoured the celebration.

Others about “Asarel-Medet”

Nikola Belishki, Mayor of Panagyurishte Municipality:

I thank to Assarel-Medet for always being behind the Municipality of Panagyurishte in difficult times. Only companies like yours – with a clear vision and consistent actions – can be sustainable and successful.

Prof. Lyuben Totev, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology, Chairman of the Council of Rectors in Bulgaria and Rector of St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology:I am proud that many of the specialists at Assarel-Medet are graduates of St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology. Thank you for your guidance and support to our university. I wish you all a lot of health and even  more success.

Plamen Dimitrov, President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria:

All of you should be proud to work in one of the best companies in Bulgaria. There is no way not to remember about Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov on this day who built a company that we are proud of not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. It is important for us to develop our country and continue working and living here.

Dimitar Manolov, President of Podkrepa Labor Confederation:

Assarel-Medet is a unique enterprise. I have often been asked what corporate social responsibility is. To such questions I answer: “Go and see Panagyurishte for yourself”. A high corporate culture has been established here at Assarel-Medet. I wish all workers high incomes, safe conditions, both now and in the future.