Telenor Bulgaria continues testing possible use cases for 5G technology

Telenor will continue testing possible use cases for 5G technology in Bulgaria until the end of the year.

“So far, the company has trialed 5G in health care, mentoring and entertainment and the test results show the potential of 5G-based services in various fields of the economy and everyday life”, Telenor Chief Technology Officer Vladimir Radojicic said at an event at the Park Office by Telenor in Sofia.

“In the last months we had the chance to put 5G technology to the test and we are very pleased with the initial results. Thanks to 5G, more than 11 000 people witnessed on Facebook a 5G-assisted remote medical examination, the video for the mentoring cooking session reached more than 16 000 people on Facebook, over 2,200 users watched the Orlin Pavlov’s concert livecast in high definition via the MyTelenor app, while more than a thousand people could test firsthand the opportunities of 5G. So far, the trials had consumed nearly 4000 GB of mobile data. We are currently testing high-speed wi-fi connectivity via 5G to a remote workplace at the Park Office”, commented Mr. Radojicic.

“During these tests we saw download speeds of above 1 gigabit per second on multiple occasions”, he added.

The director of Pirogov Emergency Care Hospital Prof. Asen Blatov, renowned chef and TV personality Andre Tokev and singer Orlin Pavlov, who all took part in the 5G trials, shared their experiences and impressions with the technology during the event.

“These are just examples of the possibilities that the 5G technology has in store for us and we are happy that thousands of users joined our efforts in the development of 5G services in Bulgaria”, Mr. Radojicic said. Telenor plans to continue the 5G trials in the coming months, exploring the potential of the next generation of mobile technology and the 5G trials will be designed to address specific needs in the areas of production/manufacturing and other.
“We are very pleased with the preliminary results of our 5G trials and the performance of our team”, the Telenor CTO said. “We are also positive in our expectations for the outcome of the ongoing dialogue with the Bulgarian authorities regarding the release of the required radio frequency spectrum and the update of the construction regulations that currently hinder the development of next generation networks in the country”, Mr. Radojicic added.

More information Telenor’s 5G trials, as well as information about the upcoming events is available here.

Telenor is a leading telecommunication services provider with more than 3 million active users in Bulgaria. As of August 1, 2018, Telenor Bulgaria, along with Telenor Hungary and Telenor Serbia & Montenegro are part of PPF Group.
PPF Group invests in multiple market segments such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, insurance, real estate and agriculture. PPF Group’s reach spans from Europe to the USA and across Asia, owning assets worth over EUR 45 billion (as at 31 December 2018).