Why should my company choose an all-in-one transport management system?

Managing a transporting company can be a challenging task, especially having in mind that this business has many aspects that need to be taken care of, be it contract and order management, trip planning or fleet optimization and maintenance. This often leads to companies using several separate solutions instead of an all-in-one transport management system. Let’s see if we can make the case for that instead.

Niche software? Think again

It’s not uncommon for transport companies to use the software offered with the brand of trucks they use. This allows them to keep track of field cards, gas station cards or navigation, but this type of system often lacks important functionalities such as service history, accounting or client orders. Think of it this way: niche solutions may do a great job on their own, but without a spine to connect them to everything else, they’re practically useless in the grand scheme of things.

Minimal paperwork and optimal finance management

Have you ever gone through a pile of paperwork, only to discover that what you’re looking for has long been buried in a drawer somewhere? Then you know why this is important: automation of all accounts saves not just money, but time. And in the transport business, time is everything. This, combined with integrated accounting and order management, allows for a smaller chance for mistakes in invoices, lost client information and other blunders.

Timely information throughout the supply chain

A huge problem that your transport company might encounter when using separate software for different branches of the business, would be that you have no visibility over the overall picture. Meaning: yes, you might be able to track your fleet and fuel usage, but in order to access pre-sales and sales activities, you’d have to look at a totally different set of data in a separate program. This allows room for mistakes and, frankly, just makes your life harder.

Flexibility and integration

A core end-to-end system– or that same “spine” we mentioned earlier – might sometimes prove too basic for your company’s needs. But it has flexibility that a niche solution does not. It allows for add-ons and specific solutions to be integrated, making it one hundred per cent customizable. This is important not only when you want to address specific needs, but also when your company grows and those same needs change.

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