TechnoLogica finished 7-th in a world cybersecurity competition

Team of TechnoLogica specialists finished 7-th in the world and 5-th in Europe in the qualification round of the international cybersecurity championship Global CyberLympics. In the competition teams from all over the world faced number of challenges and tasks in the area of Digital Forensics, Web Application Exploitation, System Exploitation, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Cryptography.

141 teams composed of the best specialists in every continent fought for leading positions in the elimination round. TechnoLogica team’s success is a result of the excellent teamwork from the cyber-security and information infrastructure experts of the company. “When any of us faced difficulty in a given task, someone else started helping, and that is how we continued resolving the case.”, experts from the team say. Teamwork is exactly what is expected and valued most from the Global CyberLympics team, giving tasks covering all IT security areas.

“The huge variety of knowledge and abilities from everyone in the team is what helped us accomplish this great final result. Just like in real life, problems in CyberLympics are spread across the whole IT systems technology stack. Some of us are better in programming, others in web and infrastructure services, operation systems, cryptography, etc.”, says Dimiter Radev, Head of “Information security and infrastructure Department” in TechnoLogica.

In this year’s championship TechnoLogica faced strong competition: Deloitte, IBM, Grant Thornton LLP, EY, KPN, Accenture, Egypt’s Nation Bank, 18 universities from all over the world and many more, amongst which the Bulgarian software company won front positions.

As a Bulgarian IT sector leader TechnoLogica offers it’s partners advanced cybersecurity solutions. What distinguishes the company’s team the most are security applications competences. Another proof of that is the team’s big jump in the ranking, compared to the 14-th place in Europe last year.

The championship is organized by EC-Council Foundation, intending to rise awareness of cyber-security. First two teams with most points from each continent will compete in the Finals, held in Canada. You may find the results here.