The New Packaging Line in Svoge Has the Size of a Football Field and is the Fastest in the World

The chocolate factory in the town of Svoge holds a key place on the map of Mondelēz International. The factory produces a variety of products, amongst them the iconic “Svoge” chocolates, which celebrate their 25th birthday this year, along with the 25th anniversary of the acquisition of the chocolate factory in Svoge by our company.

The celebrations of the company also coincide with the launch of a new chocolate candy packaging line. Mondelēz International has invested more than BGN 22 million for the installation and commissioning of this new line. Over the last 3 years, MDLZ has focused its efforts on new candy packaging technology in order to optimize and accelerate the production process while maintaining the favorite taste and appearance of the products. The new line has the impressive size of a football field and can produce up to 6,600 candies per minute. Thanks to the innovative installation, our company managed to increase the variety of products manufactured in Bulgaria. The Svoge factory is also valuable for its ability to produce more complex products containing cream, additives, and multi-component fillers.  

Svoge is the only place where Mondelēz International produces peanut and caramel chocolate, which is available in 27 countries on 4 continents – Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. “The chocolate factory is a key one to Mondelēz to produce many products worldwide. In Bulgaria, we produce both local products, such as the “Svoge” chocolates, as well as international emblematic brands, such as Milka.” Anna Marinkova, the plant Manager said. 

A number of local brands have started from this factory to many foreign markets, including Poiana for Romania, Alpen Gold for the Scandinavian countries, one of the Cadbury types for the UK, Lacta and Pavlidis for Greece, Karuna for Poland, Figaro for Slovakia. “Currently, the factory reaches a production volume of over 32,000 tons a year, the highest volume ever produced in our factory, and our products are distributed in nearly 40 countries on 6 continents. Our new packaging line has the size of a football field and can produce up to 6,600 candies per minute, making it the fastest in the world. The old line’s capacity was 3,136 candies per minute”, said Anna.

At present, the factory employs nearly 550 people, and Mondelēz has invested more than BGN 106 million leva in the town of Svoge and the region over the past 10 years. Funds have been invested to support local communities, reduce its own environmental footprint and optimize the production processes. Currently, thanks to the investments, Mondelēz’s chocolate factory recycles up to 99% of its production waste.

“We are leaders on the Bulgarian chocolate market, with a total market share of 35% in value. Every second chocolate in the country is Milka. The brand holds more than 60% market share in value”, said Ivaylo Naydenov, General Manager for SCE.

25 years since the privatization

The Svoge factory was founded by Velizar Peev in 1924, who produced sweets and chocolate in Sofia since 1901. In 1935 he transferred all the production to Svoge. The factory was nationalized in 1947 and renamed to Plant for chocolate products “Republika”. In 1994, it was acquired by Kraft Jacobs Sushard (today Mondelēz International). “The factory was built in the mountain, step-like, and each of the floors is at elevation 0, which is important for the work process”, explained Anna Marinkova.

Svoge will put the smile on the consumers’ faces during its 25th anniversary as an essential part of the Bulgarians’ life and IT’S TIME TO SAY: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SVOGE!