The AUBG EMBA Program: Boost Your Career

A moment comes in your – and everyone’s — career when you start to feel at a crossroads at best and at a dead-end at worst. You feel like you’ve learned everything you need to know about your industry or you feel like you don’t know nearly enough; you have a million-dollar business idea but don’t have the support network that you need; you want to switch careers, you want to get promoted, you want to become better at what you do. And you don’t know how to achieve any of that. An Executive MBA program could be a good start.  

And if you want to do your EMBA in Sofia, the AUBG Executive MBA Programcould be a good start. Accredited in both the U.S. and the EU and member of the prestigious global Association of MBAs, it is the first EMBA program in Bulgaria and has been educating the business leaders of the country for more than a decade. The program now has over 350 successful alumni that report a 47% salary increase upon graduation on average. But these are just facts and figures. What really makes any educational institution worth it are the people behind it. And as AUBGers often like to say, AUBG is the people. Meet some of them.

The Alumni
It’s impossible to describe the typical AUBG EMBA student, and there is no need to do that. It is the collaboration of people coming from different paths of life that makes the AUBG EMBA Program successful.

Here is what the alumni have to say about their experience with the AUBG EMBA Program:

Kamelia Slaveykova

Country Chair Shell Bulgaria & Greece/ External Relations Manager CEE

Voted “Woman of the Decade” in the “Business and Society Category” at the awards 

“The EMBA program is definitely worth it because it provides a new, additional perspective and opens new horizons that were previously unnoticed. It helps a person become more open to the world and see his or her business from a different perspective. With the help of this external focus, one can become more useful for oneself and the company in the future.”

Slaveyko Dzhambazov

Managing Director, HTA Ltd. 

“At the time I decided to enroll in the Executive MBA program, I have already been a CEO for three years at a successful company with over 500 staff members and over EUR 12 million in turnover. In other words, I didn’t expect to learn much, but still, I was curious. Of course, I underestimated the program and it wasn’t easy. I graduated in medicine and it turned out I needed to learn the theory in the field of… actually in the field of everything that is part of the academic program of the EMBA at AUBG.”

Ailita Liteva

Head of Marketing, Lirex COM

“The AUBG EMBA Program uses modern management practices and offers students the opportunity to work on real-life case studies. This allows participants to acquire a wider perspective on business and the tools to develop a strategy for their further professional development. The various program modules give you the unique opportunity to become part of an elite society of leadership and innovation where you improve your leadership skills while at the same time creating friendships for life.”

Alexander Dourchev

Founder and CEO

All Channels Communication Group 

“I strongly believe that AUBG’s EMBA program was probably the most meaningful education I’ve gone through. It provides an effective combination between theory and practice, and it empowers you to experiment. And most importantly, you don’t miss the business.”

Stoyan Nedin

CEO at Nexpur

“Attending the classes was enjoyable and there was the right balance between hard work and pleasure. I was pleasantly surprised at how western the program is. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from one of the best business schools in the Netherlands, and the EMBA at AUBG was in no way worse in terms of quality, teaching methods, faculty and work environment. The training is highly interactive and requires you to be continuously active, which is the only way to acquire lasting knowledge and skills.”

The Curriculum

A little bit of everything? More like a lot of everything. Leadership, business strategy, accounting, human resources, financial management, entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking: this sixteen-month (four-term) program is designed to refine your management style and prepare you for increasingly responsible positions. With classes taught exclusively on weekends, the program is designed to fit the busiest of schedules. It integrates the fundamentals of business with contemporary perspectives and tools.

The European Business Trip 

All EMBA students also benefit from a European Business Trip that enables them to learn from real-world business situations and practices at leading European companies. This year’s trip was in Munich, Germany Sept. 8-13 and the cohort visited Microsoft, Micro Focus (HP), Salesforce, SAP, BMW, Allianz Headquarters and Allianz Arena.

“The trip was the grand event in which we marked the finishing of our second term,” said Kaloyan Petrov, a current student at the EMBA program. “It gave us lots of opportunities to bond with each other while visiting top corporations.”

The EMBA Program at AUBG sounds like the right next step for you? Learn more here