How Dreams Come True in Your Homeland?

Young people, students, pupils, teachers, journalists and business representatives gathered in Sofia TechPark on 17th October to see and listen to four successful in their careers Bulgarians who have undoubtedly achieved recognition and have a lot of accomplishments here in their homeland. The event was called #StartUpTheBeat and the people attending it met with the frontman of “Ostava” Svilen Noev, actor and TV presenter Alexander Kadiev , creator of the educational platform ( ) Darin Madzharov and member of the Board of Trustees and inspirer of the “Your future is here. The success is in Bulgaria” initiative – Metodi Georgiev. The discussion was moderated by Vicky Blazheva, First Vice President and Director of Communications at UniCredit Bulbank.

The event was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University, who made the opening speech of #StartUpTheBeat with the words: “Success is in Bulgaria, both in education and in business and professional realization. Here we can not only work something, but we can develop ourselves as individuals, to be happy and to have balance between a successful career and our personal life.”

Vicky Blazheva began the discussion with one confession: “This is the first time I attend a discussion that aims to keep young people here and now. You know that there are many initiatives on how to return the Bulgarians here, but as in business – it’s much easier  to keep an existing client than to attract a new one.”

Darin Madzharov shared what role foreign education played for him: “I knew that I was going abroad as I was going to a hotel – to take some skills so I could develop it and to return here and contribute to our community and life. I keep saying that things are getting better here because of many things – we work a lot here, we value people more and this is why we see results. At the same time the number of people who work and develop themselves here is increasing every day. And this pushes the whole system forward.”

Alexander Kadiev presented his universal success formula: “I believe in one thing – if a person, whatever he/ she is, wishes for and genuinely feel pleasure of what he/she does for a living, he/ she will always succeed. If the circumstances are good, if you have a roof over your head and people who love you – you will undoubtably get to the point where you want to be. Because you are your own most powerful engine – no one will help you as much as you will help yourself.”

Svilen Noev told his story of his personal path to the music stage and what makes him happy: “To become a professional musician you have to listen to all kinds of different music from dusk till dawn. So you’ll have enough information to create your own music.” And he also  added: “I am very happy that I can help a young boy or a girl who wants to have a music career in Bulgaria.”

Metodi Georgiev explained why career opportunities are better here: “Education in Bulgaria is improving dramatically in terms of being more and more connected to business and it’s becoming very practical. In addition there are many more opportunities to work in different companies where young people can develop easier and quicker. You  can even work for the United States, France or another country, but to do it from here.”

The audience also had the chance to meet Martin Grahovski, owner of 3 Minute Bulgaria – a perfect example of a successful young Bulgarian who chose to return here. He personally presented the exclusive video he made especially for the “Your Future is here” initiative and dedicated to the opportunities for young people in our country. Before the event went into informal conversations, all attendees participated in the event’s surprise – an “off-beat” music beat created for the initiative.

The #StartUpTheBeat event was one of the series of meetings, part of the “Your future is here. Success is in Bulgaria” initiative and the organizers promise to continue to develop interesting formats and to organize such meetings in the near future.

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