All Telenor shops are now accessible for people in wheelchairs

All Telenor shops in the country are now accessible for visitors using wheelchairs. The telecom is the first mobile carrier in the country to provide easy access for people with disabilities in all its shops.

The 108 Telenor shops with no permanent ramps or other means of wheelchairs access are equipped with mobile ramps and four shops are equipped with stair robots. All shops now also have stickers and remote bells, in case visitors need assistance from the employees of the shop. The employees have completed trainings for handling the equipment so they can assist the access of people in wheelchairs.

The new equipment is part of the continuing effort by Telenor to provide accessible environment that’s open for everyone. This includes the easier access to the operator’s shops and the accessible working environment in the company’s headquarters.

For four years now, Telenor develops the Open Mind program that allows people with disabilities to improve their professional qualifications and their competitiveness on the labor market and to expand and show their abilities and skills in a real working environment.

About Telenor

Telenor is a leading telecommunication services provider with more than 3 million active users in Bulgaria. As of August 1, 2018, Telenor Bulgaria, along with Telenor Hungary and Telenor Serbia & Montenegro are part of PPF Group.

PPF Group invests in multiple market segments such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, insurance, real estate and agriculture. PPF Group’s reach spans from Europe to the USA and across Asia, owning assets worth over EUR 45 billion (as at 31 December 2018).


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