The Impact We Make Together

The American Chamber of Commerce has been hosting the traditional Thanksgiving Charity Dinner for 15 years. Our landmark event is a sitting dinner with a traditional American Thanksgiving Menu, live music and a special focus on fundraising. Traditionally over 250 AmCham members, U.S. citizens and official guests honor the event and contribute to the charity initiative.

As a community of AmCham members we were able to help less fortunate people become thankful for the chance to have a better life and more opportunities to succeed. A chance which was brought to them by AmCham’s Thanksgiving Charity to Get Ready to Succeed and We Can funds.

Get Ready to Succeed is a scholarship program supporting excelling students who have lost one or both their parents and have been raised in institutions or by relatives, the scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Our scholarship fellows are focused, highly motivated and hard-working. They all have a GPA of 5 and above.

We Can fund supports vocational training and activities which improve the employment prospects for vulnerable youth, single mothers, disabled people. We do that with the help of committed non-profit organizations who bring true social integration for the groups they support.

We are proud to present their stories and what they have become.

Plan your 2019 Thanksgiving donation now!

How we do the fundraising?

Our campaign occurs in several ways:

  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • All surplus from entrance fee
  • Direct public personal or corporate donations to the fund – prior or after the event.
  • Corporate table booking for BGN 2,400
  • Selling of raffle tickets

The impact

Since 2008 our members had contributed for getting education, better start in life and personal development of more than 350 boys and girls in Bulgaria. Orphans, disabled, ignored as they were before, they are now doctors, lawyers, economists, or chefs and workers – all with independent lives and hearts that want to pass the good on.

Now we proudly present:

Gergana Tsvetanova is from Nikopol, and she graduated BA in Public Administration and Master of Rhetoric’s at the Sofia University. “During my bachelor’s degree I have been using the scholarship to pay for English classes and went twice to Work and Travel USA cultural exchange program.” Later, Gergana also learnt French and studied at University of Nantes for one year as an Erasmus exchange student.

Currently Gergana is a Program Coordinator at Cisco, working in business operations.

Get Ready to Succeed Scholarship Fund supported her for 4 years with BGN 8,000.

Sheip Panev is from Yakoruda, lost his dad as a small boy. This year Sheip is nominated for “Revival Person of the Year 2019” by the Bulgarian National Radio. In addition to be an excellent student, Sheip volunteered to help sick people. He was a part of “Summer for Joy, Autumn for Care” program helping the free medical examinations of elderly people in small villages. Sheip is a pediatric trauma doctor at Pirogov Hospital, and again takes active part in children screenings at Sofia kindergartens.

Get Ready to Succeed Scholarship Fund supported him for 6 years with BGN 12,000.

Hristinka Mileva graduated at the Law Faculty of Sofia University in 2018.

“I am happy to say that after five years of university studies, I graduated with honors, being in the Top 10 of the 2013-2018 graduation.”

Now she works in a law firm teaming with over 50 people.

Get Ready to Succeed Scholarship Fund supported her in the last 6 years with BGN 12,000.

Tenjo Georgiev had a difficult childhood. He graduated International Economic Relations at the Paisiy Hilendarski University in 2015. At Sofi he works now in an IT company doing project management, new colleagues training and team development. This year Tenjo became a donor of Get Ready to Succeed Fund to support someone with like his life challenges.

Get Ready to Succeed Scholarship Fund supported him for 4 years with BGN 8,000.

George Nanov grew up without parents. Being an excellent student at the Plovdiv Medical University, in his last year he co-authored 4 scientific articles, presented the university at The Youth Science Forum and National Public Health Conference. He was a full-time demonstrator at a department at the Academic Years 2016/17 and 2017/18. Also, he won The Prof. Batalov Scholarship.

Get Ready to Succeed Scholarship Fund supported him for 6 years with BGN 12,000.


Dobromir Zdravkov is from Lom. He went to children’s institution because his family was too poor to look after him and two other siblings and because of his chest distortion.

Grown up he now went to Sofia, where he studies at Sofia University and works as a chef assistant for 4 hours per day. He wants to become a social worker and help people.

We Can Fund supported him with BGN 770 to get a driving license.

The Refugees and the Humans in the Loop

M. is 20 years old and came from Syria with primary education. He learnt front-end programming, website administration and e-commerce management. After 4 months he was offered a permanent job.

Y., 26, studied Architecture in Aleppo. She continued to develop her graphic design and video creation skills and completed a course in Adobe Premiere Pro. Now she studies at the Technical University and works for Human in the Loop.

U. came from Pakistan, 27. She speaks very good English and a degree in Journalism. To that she added a course in advanced Excel and planned to start working with accounting software.

We Can Fund supports Humans in the Loop with BGN 3,000 to pay for the courses and partial salaries for the 3 people for 4 months.

Youngsters, PULSE Pernik Foundation

13 youngsters started a group and individual program for training, support and consultations to start a job. 8 people completed it, 4 went to external vocational courses and got chef qualification diploma, a kitchen worker and two office assistants (both youngsters are with physical challenges). All 4 got job offers and started work.

We Can Fund supported PULSE Pernik with BGN 4,310 to pay the consultations and vocation.