Majority of Shell Retail Stations in Bulgaria are Now Running on 100% Renewable Electricity

The electricity that powers the Shell-operated retail stations in Bulgaria is now provided by 100% certified renewable electricity sources such as solar and hydro power*. This optimizes the company’s operations and decreases the CO2 emissions from our retail operations. All electricity supplied under contract is provided under a Guarantee of Origin from renewable sources, i.e. the so-called green certificates. Green certificates are ensured for 76 out of 102 retail sites, around 75% of the network. The dealer operated sites remain on separate sourcing.

In this period of the year, the average monthly electricity consumption for one station is usually around 14 000 kWh. It is expected that about 2500 tonnes of CO2 will be saved for all sites in the period from September to December by switching to renewable electricity sources. On annual basis this would mean 7,684 tonnes of CO2  will be saved.

“Shell supports the need for society to transition to a lower-carbon future. We are committed to playing our part and we have taken a first step by addressing our own emissions by using 100% renewable electricity at the majority of Shell’s retail sites in Bulgaria”, commented Kamelia Slaveykova, CEO of Shell Bulgaria.

Shell Bulgaria undertook also other measures which will deliver additional savings of CO2. Since 2015 Shell-operated sites are using LED lighting inside and at forecourts and at 60 sites were installed thermostats (HVAC control system) as result of which we observed  around 10% decrease of electricity consumption. Energy consumption tracking was introduced on monthly basis for Shell retail sites. We are working on a pilot project for sites with photovoltaic cells. All new Shell operated stations will be constructed as energy efficient sites.

Notes to editors:

93% of the green energy that Shell service stations will be using by the end of the year is solar. The rest (7%) is delivered by hydropower plants. The company buys the renewable electricity from 104 suppliers.