Porsche Holding Salzburg turns to HPE’s as a Service and composable offerings to build a digital foundation

On October 22nd, 2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced that Porsche Informatik, Porsche Holding Salzburg’s (PHS) in-house IT service provider, has selected HPE as the digital foundation that powers PHS innovation agenda. Porsche Informatik leverages the as a Service and composable offerings from HPE to increase agility, reduce cost and complexity, and deliver a cloud experience that better serves PHS global community of employees, dealers and customers.

Porsche Informatik requires operational consistency for its hybrid cloud infrastructure in order to provide digital tools to approximately 30,000 PHS employees and a global network of automotive dealers. As the company embraced new automotive technologies and trends towards e-mobility, the Porsche Informatik team was hampered by limited resources and delays in developing, testing and distributing applications to PHS dealerships.

Porsche Informatik turned to HPE to develop and implement a solution to help accelerate app development and innovation – and deployed HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy to manage and scale its data-intensive applications and workloads. The HPE GreenLake as a Service solution, optimizes operations through metering and capacity management, so that resources required for each workload are ready to deploy in minutes, not months. HPE Synergy allows PHS to dynamically compose and configure new resources for faster application provisioning. Since implementing HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy, Porsche Informatik has improved application performance, decreased data center complexity, and increased responsiveness, allowing PHS to innovate and better serve employees, dealers and customers on a global scale.
The automotive industry is undergoing significant disruption

“In today’s automotive industry, organizations must be fast and agile to remain competitive. The development time for new technologies and time to market are getting shorter, while digitalization advances continuously,” said Peter Friedwagner, Head of Infrastructure and Common Platforms at Porsche Informatik. “HPE provides Porsche Informatik the flexibility to consume hybrid cloud computing power as a service, supporting a high degree of automation efficiency combined with state of the art security.”

Through HPE GreenLake, Porsche Informatik benefits from a fully managed hybrid cloud environment in which it only pays for what it consumes. The solution is compatible across on- and off-premises data centers, is simple to operate, and supports virtual machines and containers. The company can plan capacity ahead of use to avoid overprovisioning. This dramatically improves the value Porsche Informatik’s hybrid cloud environment delivers, including the speed and agility of composability and the ability to shift resources from managing infrastructure to driving innovation.

“The automotive industry is undergoing significant disruption, and the winners will be the companies that can understand trends and design and deliver innovations that create a compelling customer experience,” said Phil Davis, President of Hybrid IT at HPE. “HPE is proud to play a critical role in helping PHS embrace transformation at every level of the business, from how they empower employees and dealerships, to how they serve customers. HPE’s unique as a Service and composable offerings give PHS a strong platform to steer their business to greater success.”
HPE provides Porsche the flexibility to consume hybrid cloud computing power as a service

Embedded in HPE Synergy, HPE OneView enables Porsche Informatik to pull together servers, storage and networking for many infrastructure platforms in one management interface. The HPE OneView Global Dashboard consolidates and simplifies their hybrid infrastructure into a single, intuitive view of their cloud environment.

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