BCause Foundation awarded 93 scholarships for excellence in schools and universities

Get Ready to Succeed program continues to help children who have lost one or two parents to continue their education.

“I want to be successful because I want to help people who are similar to my own destiny,” says Teno Georgiev, a former grantee and current donor. “

For another year, Miroslava Ivanova from Nova Television, Ambassador of the initiative supported us. She wished our fellows to work hard and make their dreams come true.

AmCham has partnered with BCause Foundation in raising funds and promoting the program “Get Ready to Succeed” for over a decade now. AmCham is especially fond of this program because education stands high on our agenda. Tomorrow we are hosting our traditional Thanksgiving Charity Diner where our members will be contributing to the advancement of the next “Get Ready to Succeed” cohort.

Mr. Kostas Papayanis. Managing Director, MSD Bulgaria and AmCham Bulgaria Board member, awarded Stefani Ivanova and Elena Veselinova. AmCham Bulgaria supports Get Ready for Success program since 2007.