American Brunch „La Tribuna Di Serdica”

Our new culinary adventure will take us to the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free: the United States of America! The US cuisine is among the diverse ones in the world. It combines imagination, local products, modern technologies and national pride. On November 30th and December 7th 2019, the traditional brunch in Arena di Serdica will be a truly American one. We promise to surprise you well! Come and enjoy the legendary Cobb salad, created in 1937, the famous corn soup, the classic burger, the irresistible Texas ribs and many more delicious dishes!

American Brunch in the La Tribuna Di Serdica Restaurant On November 30th and December 7th (12 – 3 p.m.)


Cobb salad
Coleslaw salad
Sweet potato salad
Fish fingers
Chicken wings with bourbon sauce
American burger
Bacon-corn soup
Pulled beef
Thanksgiving turkey with gravy sauce
Baked beans
Grilled corn with barbecue sauce
Spicy fried potatoes
American pancakes
American pie

Enjoy up to 25% DISCOUNT on selected wines + FREE kids animation!
Price: BGN 36 per person
(Children under 5 years of age – FREE)
(Children from 6 to 12 years – BGN 17 including orange juice)

☎ 0889 661 001 or [email protected]

Arena Di Serdica Hotel. 2-4 Budapest Str., Sofia