Postbank Opens Three Bank Branches of New Generation

Postbank formally opened its pilot digital offices of new generation with an innovative event, which was held simultaneously in three locations. After the successful operational consolidation with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria, which was completed last week, Postbank has initiated a process of overall transformation of its even wider branch network.

The new offices concept is consistent with the strive to provide excellent consumer experience in the contact with the institution. On the one hand, it combines self-service areas in which the customers can carry out various operations quickly and easily, and on the other – it relies on a more open, comfortable and modern interior. The new concept for Postbank offices meets the expectations of the contemporary consumers for faster and more convenient bank servicing and the option for a more detailed personal consultation with a bank expert who can offer specific financial solution.

The first three Postbank centres of the new type are located in Sofia – in Paradise Centre, in The Mall and on Beli Dunav Str. They were simultaneously opened by three top Postbank managers – Petia Dimitrova, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Management Board, Dimitar Shoumarov, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and member of the Management Board, and Asen Yagodin, Executive Director and member of the Management Board. An interactive installation of a decorative tree, which “came to life” during the event thanks to a specially created 3D mapping, symbolically presented the synergy between technologies and the care about the environment, which is embedded in Postbank’s development philosophy.

“After the merger with Piraeus Bank, Postbank has become even bigger, stronger and more dynamic institution, which has strengthened its position as a systemic participant on the market, and as a company with an innovative spirit, which does not just follow the traditions, but it also establishes them,” – said Petia Dimitrova, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Management Board of Postbank.

Petia Dimitrova, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Management Board of Postbank, at the opening.

Our branch network has expanded even more and we have begun its transformation to provide even better customer experience, which is our main priority. Our new digital branches build upon Postbank’s good practices in the servicing and provision of excellent consumer experience in the contact with us, for which, just two weeks ago, we were awarded the gold in one of the most prestigious European contests in the banking sector – The Retail Banking: Europe 2019 Awards. In a survey that we carried out with Gemius, over 80 percent of the consumers said that they still preferred the personal consultation with a banking consultant regarding the product specifics. The idea was embedded in the transformation of our offices. The focus shifted from the traditional banking services towards the personal consultation of the customer and the offer of a flexible solution for the customer’s specific needs, which is Postbank’s strength. The routine operations are moved to the self-service area, which is of great convenience for the customers because it saves them time and is a modern and practical solution for them. Our offices new concept once again proves that Postbank is innovative, modern, and is able to offer added value to the customers and society,” she said also.

With those words she addressed the guests of the event held in Paradise Centre and symbolically “cut” the digital LED ribbon, thus, formally opening the new innovative branch. Her speech was broadcasted live in the other two new centres of the bank, in which Dimitar Shoumarov and Asen Yagodin also joined in with speeches and “cutting” of the digital ribbons.

The synchronized opening of the three innovative branches of Postbank marked the successful finalization of the operational consolidation of Postbank and Piraeus Bank Bulgaria, which was completed on 18 November 2019 and was executed in a record-short period of less than five months. Thus, the two banks will continue forward together, as one institution, which will be working under the brand name Postbank. The event was hosted by Orlin Pavlov, who greeted the guests with the song “Together” – a special reference to the large-scale communication campaign for Postbank and Piraeus Bank’s merger, which was held under the motto “Together Forward”.

Postbank’s three new branches have special digital self-service areas, ATMs with deposit functionalities and large touch-screens with information about the bank’s current offers and bank product terms and conditions. In these areas, the customers can find information on their own, they can pay utility bills, make transactions with Western Union, and change their PIN code. They can deposit or withdraw cash from their accounts in the bank, using the ATM with the deposit functionality. The consumers can receive the latest information about the bank’s products and services directly on the large touch-screens in the offices and thus help reduce the paper consumption. Gradually, Postbank’s self-service areas will expand the options offered and will include transactions between accounts, loan applications and other bank services.

After the merger with Piraeus Bank, Postbank now has even wider branch network across the country with over 200 offices, and will continue to offer innovative products and services, high service quality and flexible financial solutions for individual and business customers. Postbank holds over ten percent market share in assets, loans and deposits on the Bulgarian market and it is expected to take the third place in terms of loan portfolio size with a volume of BGN 7.5 billion, and a deposit volume of BGN 9.3 billion. Thus, the bank strengthens its position as a systemic bank on the market and a leader in the innovations and trend setting in the banking sector in the country.