2020 Membership Renewal Process

Extract of the AmCham Bulgaria President, Olivier Marquette, to the membership.

Dear Members,

As we start a new year, it is good time to review what we have achieved over the past twelve months and make our new year’s resolutions to help 2020 be more successful and with major impact.

The Chamber has recently gone through major transformations, that have positioned us at the front line of significant policy and economic developments in Bulgaria. We have become a desired partner of the Government, the business and the NGO sector in shaping a thriving business environment and society. AmCham has never been more fervent advocate of solid and binding Transatlantic relations between Bulgaria and the United States. We take pride in being recognized by leading public media bodies as sound and independent experts on topics of high State and public interest.

In 2019 we successfully completed a series of landmark events with potential to scale in 2020:

  • The InnoStart Forum was the biggest prove that Bulgaria has immense innovation potential that can lead our country into innovation and startup nation.
  • Throughout the year we also touched base with other bilateral chambers at a series of networking cocktails and, finally, we gave back to community through our traditional charity events and initiatives.

It has been an eventful and dynamic year and period in which we grew and reached higher levels of aspirations with regards to the services we provide to our members. We fully realize that you are at the heart of our success and we are truly thankful for your continuous support and trust. We aspire to deserve it in the future, and this is what drives us forward on our path of transformation and self-improvement.

In 2020 AmCham Bulgaria is celebrating its 25th anniversary. We have in store for our members a wide range of commemorative events featuring prominent public and political figures from overseas. Members will have the chance to take advantage of unique networking and marketing opportunities.

Finally, we have set as a priority to increase the focus on our members and be better attuned to the interests and concerns of the businesses that drive our economy. By the example of the European network of AmChams, since the new membership period as of December 2019, we are introducing new tiering of the membership, based on the company size and number of employees.

We are also introducing brand new services and events associated with the new structure, to name a few:

  • AmCham Executive Club, sectoral CEO meetings,
  • Leader talks,
  • Door-knock visits in the EU and the U.S., and more.

We believe this step will allow our members to benefit more from their membership and us to better help them grow and be successful.

Starting next week, each member will receive tailor-made letter to renew their membership. There each member may find the new membership structure, corresponding annual fees and a detailed description of each tiеr and member benefits.

Your AmCham membership has been renewed automatically as of December 1st, 2019, except in cases when an explicit request for membership cancellation has been submitted. We kindly remind you that pursuant to the AmCham Statutes all members have to pay their membership fees in a timely manner after receiving this letter. Enclosed you will find a pro-forma invoice.

I would like to take the opportunity to express once more my personal gratitude for your commitment to the work of the Chamber and to assure you that we will continue our efforts in 2020 to fulfill our mission and goals. We will aspire towards even higher membership engagement and will focus our activities based on your input and constructive feedback.

Sincerely yours,

Olivier Marquette