V+O Communication celebrates its 15th anniversary in Bulgaria with the “Words do matter” campaign

Words do matter is a digital campaign, launched by V+O Communication on the occasion of the company’s 15th birthday in Bulgaria. Through this campaign the Strategic Communication Agency wants to stress on the importance of correct selection of words with meaning and power in order to create a successful communication.         

Words are at the heart of communication. Each word has energy. Turning some words into “modern” and reusing them too often in a wrong context leads to the loss of their power. These words become worn out. Not only do they create noise, but they also bring no value to the conversation. This is becoming an obstacle for us. Therefore, I wish that all of us, as people working in the communication field, will use words with care. Only then, a story becomes interesting and trustworthy. And this never goes out of style. Many colleagues from the communication fields (PRs and journalists) share the same beliefs, says Svetlana Savova, General Manager of V+O Communication Bulgaria.

In the “Top 3 of the most overexposed words” poll, created especially for the campaign over 200 people, who take a professional stand on communication, share their suggestions for worn out words. Thus, the Top 15 most endangered words were identified (in alphabetic order): alternative, collaboration, ecosystem, ethical, event, exclusive, innovation, key, proactive, status quo, sustainable, transparent, true, unique, vision.

The results of the poll are also supported by the content analysis of the publications, covering the local elections in Bulgaria. Although the political talking is a special case of study, according to the Monitoring Agency Perceptika from the selected 15 words, these are the most frequently used ones: transparent (9,989 times), alternative (7,268 times), vision (5207 times), true (5,169 times), status quo (1,621 times) and unique (1,415 times).

“In order to speak up about the worn-out words, we chose a different slightly self-ironic approach. Together with Kitodar Todorov we created a video of him reading the classical short story of Ivan Vazov “Edna bulgarka” (“One Bulgarian Woman”). After reading the original text at first, he rereads it again while adding the Top 15 most endangered words. The outcome, of course, stands somewhere between tragedy and comedy. And because our goal is not only to talk about this problem, but also to spread awareness and knowledge, the campaign continues 15 more weeks. Each week we will present one of these golden 15 words. We will include the word’s definition, which we took out of the dictionary and a funny caricature in order to focus the attention on the topic”, adds Yavorka Petrova, PR Director of V+O Communication.

You can watch the video here