Kalin Tzvetanov, CEO, Intelligent Systems: We see that Romanian business applications market has untapped potential

In the eve of the opening of the new office and the establishment of subsidiary in Bucharest, Romania, the CEO of Intelligent Systems shares their company’s view on the market and strategy.

Mr. Tzvetanov, it came to our knowledge that Intelligent Systems will be opening a new office in Romania. Please tell us more about your plans for the Romanian market.

Yes, we are pleased to announce our expansion into Romania and next week we will celebrate the office opening with customers and partners in the country. Our plan is to build a fully operational subsidiary, win new customers and support existing ones with local resources. We believe the Romanian market for business applications has significant untapped potential and our presence will benefit customers that are looking for high quality products and services from a proven and reliable vendor.

Which needs of the Romanian companies do you consider as unmet and think you can cater for?

Since plain ERP has become a commodity in the mid and upper market segment, the need for industry-tailored functionalities came naturally. Intelligent Systems brings added value by providing certified industry specific add-ons for retail and distribution, automotive, transportation, construction and pharma. Along with the actual deliverables, we provide extensive industry expertise derived from a rich international customer portfolio.

Which are the elements of the market that make you optimistic for 2020?

In general, during the past few years, there has been constant growth on the Romanian IT market and the Romanian Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry, ANIS, has estimated that by 2022 the market volume of IT will reach a 25% yearly growth rate.

On the other side, the Romanian business applications market is maturing following the general trend in CEE. Customers’ demand for modern, state of the art business applications and vendors that have not only technical, but also industry knowledge is increasing. I welcome the continuous elevation process of the Romanian companies in terms of investing in ERP solutions. The trend shifted from “other companies have an ERP” or just replacing an obsolete system towards visibility, data interpretation, improving business performance and making employees’ jobs easier. This opens up opportunities for us to penetrate the market with our industry-focused solutions.

What about the ones that make you pessimistic?

I cannot highlight any. However, we need to realise that the 2020 market has reached a certain level of maturity and customers know exactly what they are looking for. Thus, we need to make very specific proposals and deliver accordingly.

What was the investment level made by Intelligent Systems in order to open a Romanian office?

I cannot disclose concrete figures. We’re investing in building a local team of highly skilled talent with business and technical expertise to deliver high quality consulting and implementation services leveraging the industry expertise of the Group.

How do you plan to attract talent towards Intelligent Systems Romania in a market that is not necessarily one with many top-notch IT professionals?

Intelligent Systems is a major Microsoft Dynamics player in Europe. This status enables our future employees to access the latest technologies and be continuously exposed to new and diverse projects. As we take pride in our people, we never stop investing in their development, be it vocational training or knowledge transfer from fellow colleagues.

To conclude, tell us more about your company’s history. How did you start the company and what were the key factors that helped you grow?

Intelligent Systems Group was founded 15 years ago in Sofia as a local Dynamics NAV implementation partner of Microsoft with 5 employees. Now we are a multinational company with more than 180 employees, subsidiaries in 4 countries and 450 customers in 55+ countries. Over the years, we were selected by Microsoft for numerous prestigious awards. The key factors that helped us grow were the passion we work with and the willingness to improve ourselves constantly. Our industry is very dynamic and if a company is to succeed, it needs to be agile and quick in adapting innovation.