TPP AES Galabovo generated around 5.5% more electricity in 2019

The most advanced coal-fired power plant in the region achieved average annual desulfurization efficiency rate of over 97% and provided over 8% of the electricity in Bulgaria

TPP AES Galabovo generated over 3.144 million MWh of electricity in 2019. This is 5.5% more compared to 2018, the analysis of the performance results of the most advanced coal-fired power plant in Southeast Europe showed.

With its operations, TPP AES Galabovo secured around 8.3% of the energy consumed on the Bulgarian market in 2019. The electricity generated by the two units of the 690-MW capacity was in perfect synchronicity with the needs of the country’s energy system and the dispatch schedules. In the last year, Bulgaria’s state-of-the-art coal-fired power plant provided the full spectrum of balancing and real-time management services for the static and dynamic sustainability of Bulgaria’s power system. Thanks to its technological flexibility, TPP AES Galabovo helps Bulgaria cover the ENTSO-E requirements for primary control regulation. This provides the opportunity for secondary control of the system. All this once again shows the key importance that TPP AES Galabovo has for the national energy system. In 2019, the power plant used 5.37 million tons of lignite coal from the Maritsa basin or 3.3% more compared to 2018. By using lignite coal from Mini Maritza East, which is a local resource, TPP AES Galabovo contributes to Bulgaria’s energy independence and guarantees the employment of thousands of miners in the largest state mines in Bulgaria.

As a result of the responsible attitude to the environment and the implemented advanced technologies, last year the most environmentally-friendly coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria achieved an average annual desulfurization efficiency rate of 97%. For the same period, TPP AES Galabovo disposed of 421 540 tons of limestone needed for the desulfurization process.

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