The conference “Knowledge City 2020” will focus on mobility and green solutions in the smart cities

Are we ready for autonomous vehicles? How will transport and logistics change in the cities of the future? These questions will be answered by international experts at the Knowledge City 2020 conference, which will be held on 19 February at 09:30 (Address: Capital Fort, 90 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia).

The next generation of high-speed mobile connectivity has the potential to enable increased capacity, better lives and better business. During the event, a representative of Ericsson Hellas will reveal what resources, innovations and regulations are needed for the introduction of 5G networks.

How will the autonomous cars change cities and what software should be developed for the vehicles of the future? This topic will be analyzed by the entrepreneur Nikola Karamanov. The role of shared micromobility solutions on urban environment development will be discussed by Petko Anchev, Lime Bulgaria’s Operations Manager. The moderator of the discussion will be Elena Kirilova, host of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria’s tech show UpDate and technology editor at

Knowledge City 2020 will also emphasize the smart building trend. Which solutions are considered as green in architecture and how can you your home be energy-efficient? Contemporary issues such as air quality, the size of green spaces and their impact on citizens’ lives will also be addressed during the event.

The conference will also focus on the municipal strategies and the interaction between business and local government for the development of smart cities. Knowledge City 2020 will showcase successful examples and good practices from Europe.

Knowledge City 2020 is aimed at bringing together business representatives from the fields of construction, architecture, investments, technology, infrastructure, finance and banking, as well as employees in branch organizations, institutions and administration.

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