ALSO Bulgaria: the new driving force of the country’s IT sector

With the new year came the new name: Since January Solytron Bulgaria has been renamed to ALSO Bulgaria. Following the acquisition of Solytron in October 2019, this change of the company name marks the next step in the integration of Solytron into the ALSO Group. ALSO Bulgarian channel partners will benefit from new innovative services, more brands, advanced platforms and cloud solutions after the takeover from ALSO, one of the major European distributors and technology providers. Peter Ivanov and Ralitza Killian remain the CCOs (Chief Customer Officers) of the company. What the partners expect is shown in their answers below.

ALSO Bulgaria Ltd was registered in the Commercial Register on January 6. With a turnover of 110 million euro and around 120 employees, the leader in Bulgaria is part of the ALSO Group. The takeover was an important milestone in the company’s strategy to strengthen its position in the Eastern European markets. On the occasion of the renaming ALSO Bulgaria asked several partners what they are awaiting from the takeover. Their expectations are high: new services and product brands, better conditions for the resellers. And ALSO’s large warehouse quantities in Europe makes the partners optimistic that they will be able to respond to their customers’ needs faster and with more flexibility.

“We are number one because of our persistence and partner-oriented approach“, said Peter Ivanov, when announcing the new name of the company. “The trust that we have built over the years with our vendors and partners remain key for our own success.”

“ALSO Bulgaria will apply the company’s 3S business model – Supply, Solutions and a-as-Service – and the know-how, provided by the ALSO Group, one of the leading European technology providers and IT distributors“, said Ralitza Killian. “Our organization will be able to offer a number of new services, products and solutions. At the same time our partners will benefit from the ALSO Cloud Marketplace and a couple of solution-platforms for IoT, virtualization, and cybersecurity. This gives them new opportunities to broaden their own portfolio.”

The partners are confident, that ALSO Bulgaria will help to grow their business and their development not only in Bulgaria but also in the region. The entry of a key European IT player into the Bulgarian market is considered as a positive sign for both Bulgaria and the sector.

Quotes from partners

Petar Т. Ivanov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria

“The Bulgarian market is part of a larger European market and there should have been global players on it from much earlier. Having ALSO will bring a new culture and a new competition to the local business.”

Nikolay Avramov, CEO Paraflow

“We are expecting a wider range of products, which will result into better business conditions, better results for the companies and a greater client’s satisfaction. Paraflow has partnered with Solytron, now ALSO Bulgaria, even before the company’s establishment, 25 years already. The company is our biggest supplier, and I think we are their biggest customer. So we can say that the satisfaction is mutual.”

Borislav Dimitrov, Managing Director of Cisco in Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hertsegovina, North Macedonia and Kosovo

“Cisco uses an indirect approach. We work entirely through our partners. Therefore, our success is directly related to our partners’ success. A very important factor for us has always been the distributor network. Solytron, now ALSO Bulgaria as one of the leading distributors is playing a key role for the success of Cisco”.

Teodor Radev, Sales Manager, Dell Technologies in Bulgaria

“Based on our good work with Solytron, we have achieved gains of 30 to 50 percent in some segments. It is no coincidence that ALSO chose to acquire Solytron in Bulgaria. ALSO is a key player in the European market, offering products to a large number of partners. I believe that ALSO Bulgaria can build on these achievements by introducing best practices from its European experience and will support its Bulgarian partners to reach the next level in growth. This will help companies like Dell as well. I expect only positive changes from this acquisition and a very successful year for us and our partners in Bulgaria.

Yovko Atanasov, Regional Мanager, Lenovo for Bulgaria and North Macedonia

“It is well-known that the entry of an international player on the Bulgarian market in any segment, including the IT industry, is a positive signal for both Bulgaria and the segment itself. These are positive signals that show that the Bulgarian IT market is mature enough for a major western player and the business environment itself as a structure is good enough to allow such a business player to enter. To summarize: I expect a lot of positives for both IT vendors like Lenovo, as well as local businesses, resellers and end customers.”

Lachezar Stamenov, Sales Director at CNSys

“ALSO works with all kinds of partners – bigger and smaller ones. This way they will have more opportunities. Тhe clients will get a product of higher quality in the complexity of the business, which tends to get more complicated and global. I hope that having global players in Bulgaria will open up our country to the rest of the world.

Angel Ivanov, CEO Lirex High Tech

“The inventory is a big problem in our business so far. We want to be faster in our deliveries. We hope that with the advent of ALSO, this huge obstacle will be overcome and we will be flexible enough to be able to fulfill the wishes of our clients on time.”

Orlin Rusev, Channels & Partnerships Director, Telelink Business Services

“Telelink is expanding geographically according to our business logic. The company is currently present in seven countries in the region. We have to build upon already existing opportunities, but also discover new ones together with ALSO Bulgaria.”

ALSO Holding AG (ALSN.SW) (Emmen/Switzerland) brings providers and buyers of the ICT industry together. ALSO offer more than 550 vendors of hardware, software and IT-services access to over 100 000 buyers, who can call a broad spectrum of other customized services in the logistics, finance, and IT services sectors, as well as traditional distribution services. From the development of complex IT landscapes, the provision and maintenance of hardware and software, right through to the return, reconditioning and remarketing of IT hardware, ALSO offers all services as a one-stop shop. ALSO is represented in 23 European countries and generates total net sales of approximately 9.2 billion euros with around 4 000 employees in the fiscal year 2018. The majority shareholder of ALSO Holding AG is the Droege Group, Düsseldorf, Germany.

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