PwC’s Academy invites you to the 12th Edition of PwC’s Mini MBA programme which starts on 19 March 2020

Managing an organization or its segment requires specific and very often diverse knowledge on company’s operations and understanding of company’s strategy, human capital, marketing and other operational challenges.

PwC’s Mini MBA program is intended for managers at all levels in all lines of business, owners of small and medium sized enterprises and those who intend to start their own businesses.

This course program offers an excellent opportunity to learn how businesses operate and analyze important concepts such as strategy, competition, marketing, leadership as well as technical areas such as accounting, finance, project management and others. In essence, it aims to provide participants with the logic behind organizations, their structures and a methodology of analyzing their own organization as well as others. Each participant is offered the essentials to analyze the current position of any organization before decisions take place that will lead to implementation.

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