AmCham Bulgaria Update re Chamber’s activities and feedback from members

Dear AmCham Members,

I hope this message finds you well and sound. In these extraordinary times on behalf of the AmCham Board of Directors, I would like to assure you that the Chamber is determined to continue to support and serve its members according to the highest possible standards given the circumstances. Our main activities will have to adapt to the new situation. However, we will keep our focus on our key goals and priorities as much as we can.

Daily Activities

The AmCham team is working mainly from home. They are at full disposal to attend to the needs and inquiries of our members. You may reach the team via email, landline phone or mobile and set up a teleconference using WebEx system (thanks to Cisco and Telelink), Skype for Business or MS Teams.

Every member in each of the tiers will continue benefitting of our services.

Our committees’ meetings have been postponed for the time being. However,we are exploring which digital tools will be useful for organizing large-scale digital meetings, such as the Committees’ and WG’s meetings. Online committees’ meetings may be organized if any major issue arise during this period. In the meantime, their leadership remain fully engaged and we continue to rely to our members’ genuine input of expertise, knowledge and advice. We should utilize the period to upgrade their capacity and to deliver position papers.

Our digital platform – Website, Weekly, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts – are regularly updated with fresh information from various proven sources. As you know two of them – and Weekly – require your input of stories, advice, news, analysis. So, it is your time now to generate more content, and to continue posting your news. Thus, your company will be more visible on our platform.

We urge you to keep us well informed about any issues arising from the emergency, that are impacting your business operations or the sector you work in. In such way AmCham will be well prepared to analyze and address those issues to the authorities.

Strategic Planning

There are several things I would like to mention.

First, we plan to prepare recommendations to the government to support the business in these difficult times with economic, healthcare, social and labor measures. We need your feedback about how the emergency impacts your business and its continuation. Please send us your input on three main directions:

  • How is your business affected by the emergency?
  • Can you propose specific measures that AmCham can pack into a joint proposal to the authorities? If you enlist them as short-, medium-, long-term, it would be great. The areas that we would like to address are:
    • economic measures (stimuli),
    • human resources (incl. the Labor Code),
    • administration improvement (incl. e-government),
    • rule of law (following the emergency requirements, and more);
    • sector measures (healthcare, energy, transportation, tourism, etc.)
  • Can you propose tangible and proven economic solution/s to easy overpass the situation? Give us your example and stories (which we could quote in our publishing, or upon media request).

Second, we will reschedule our Events Calendar 2020 accordingly since the situation is unpredictable. Our main goal is to overcome the COVID-19 crisis by following the emergency requirements. You know that we have cancelled our events for March. We have decided to postpone all major gatherings to the Autumn, including our 25th Anniversary.

Third, please share with us your ideas or solutions that you can offer to overcome the crisis. For example, you could have a solution for home office or remote work, any ideas to support the government, institutions, municipalities, or hospitals. It will be even better, if you have some ready-to-go services, solutions, and/or products on stock. Those items should help the beneficiaries to manage or prevent the crisis, or to inform better stakeholders about the COVID-19.

This is the current update from your Board of Directors of your AmCham so far. AmCham will act responsibly to the situation and will continue to keep you updated.

In times like this, the eternal mottos like “Together we are stronger” sound with more strength and passion.

So, let’s be united and we shall overcome the crisis.

Yours truly,