Microsoft Presents School for Working with Artificial Intelligence

AI Business School is a platform with free online master class, created for business leaders

Microsoft understands that developing an AI strategy extends far beyond business and technology to leadership behaviors and organizational capabilities. Therefore, it created AI Business School – an online platform with master class series designed for fostering AI ready culture.

The AI Business School is available online, at no cost and in an on-demand format here.

Business leaders can access the content at their own pace and based on their key focus areas. The master class series are developed in partnership with INSEAD, one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools. They feature content in both video and written form.

Videos include lectures, executive Q&As and talks on AI technology fundamentals. Documents include case studies, guides, and whitepapers designed for sharing with teams online or offline so everyone can benefit from the learning within the program. In addition, users can access Microsoft’s AI Maturity Model Assessment tool to assess how prepared their organization is to take advantage of AI.

The program will be updated regularly with new, relevant content. It is featuring lessons, insights and recommendations from executives such as Amy Hood, Microsoft CFO, and Harry Shum, EVP Microsoft AI and Research. Professor Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean and the Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Innovation and Strategy at INSEAD, provide research-driven information on creating business value from AI.

Microsoft starts the initiative because of evidence for an existing need of education amongst business leaders regarding how to create an AI strategy and execute a responsible approach to AI. According to Microsoft’s latest “Pulse Survey”, which surveyed 800 business leaders across the US and Europe:

  • 76% of leaders from high-growth companies say they would like to refine their leadership skills as more AI is deployed across their businesses.
  • 93.5% of high-growth companies intending to invest in decision-making AI in 1-3 years.

“Microsoft’s online master class relates to the importance of upskilling. In a world being transformed by technology, having the right skills is more important than ever. Increasingly, employers are requiring candidates with traditional and digital skills, but also with soft skills. The average person is expected to have 5 careers in their lifetime, which means that learning must be a lifelong pursuit,” said Kalin Dimtchev, Country Manager of Microsoft Bulgaria, and Country Manager Lead for the CEE Multi-Country region.

For managers this means enriching their capabilities to lead and foster teams with AI ready culture. Managers that show interest in and progress employees technical skills have an advantage in employee retention. They can develop individuals as well as build a highly qualified team.

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has a long tradition of upskilling business and workers, and innovation, with a strong heritage in science and engineering, industry transformation, cultivating start-ups and more. But to remain competitive on the world stage requires continual investment in people, skills and technology. Microsoft is committed to supporting upskilling business across the region so that companies can compete with the very best.

Microsoft AI Business School is part of the effort. It is open for business professionals and executives to learn more about AI strategy, culture and responsibility. The learning program is unique in its focus on business leaders and addresses what is often overlooked but is actually very critical to success: leading people in your organization through a time of change, defining a strategy that will produce real business value and building a culture that can adapt to a new approach to working.