AmCham Position on Amendments of the Emergency Law Banning Public Procurement

On March 19th, 2020 AmCham Bulgaria submitted to the Parliament its statement about the proposed amendments of the Draft Emergency which stipulate stopping of all Public Procurement until April 13.

In times of emergency and related the global uncertainty leads to economic downturn and recession, the government is not only the biggest supplier of public services, but it is the biggest contractor and client of the private business. It is valid to the great extend if we want to sustain the existing and even to try to create new opportunities for economic activity for both the business and the citizens. The economic measures that are to be introduced should guarantee the adaptation of all businesses to the changing environment, to defend both employees and employers, to keep the economy running and to guarantee the existence of as much as possible businesses.

We worry that the stop of any procurement will lead to chain reactions of both economic and social aspect. It will make unrecoverable damage to the respective sectors, as well as to the economy as a whole.

The proposed amendments will affect various of the partners of the government and municipal administrations, incl. some of our members that are long-term suppliers of innovative technological solutions. Also, they maintain various of the main systems that run in the public authorities. Thanks to the implemented global experience and know-how by our members they bring benefits to the authorities, as well as to many businesses.

Read the full text of the AmCham Position.