New restrictions, but also rights under the Measures and Actions in State of Emergency Act

The Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria adopted the Measures and Actions in State of Emergency Act late last night (20.03.2020).

The Act enters into force retroactively – as of 13.03.2020, except for the provisions regulating public compulsory auctions, as well as other explicit exceptions indicated in § 51 of the Act.

The Measures and Actions in State of Emergency Act shall have a significant impact on life and business in the following main directions:

  • Certain terms are suspended – in lawsuits, procedures and proceedings (except in criminal proceedings);
  • The terms for appealing against decisions of assignors under the Public Procurement Act and decisions of the Commission for Protection of Competition are also suspended;
  • No distraints and securitization measures shall be imposed in certain cases;
  • No sanctions for delayed fulfilment of payment obligations during the state of emergency;
  • The notary publics shall operate with reduced staff and only if urgent and necessitous certifications are required;
  • The labor relationships between employers and employees are subject to significant changes;
  • 60% of the remuneration may be paid by the state for a period of up to 3 months, as the procedure and criteria for the persons/entities who shall receive such state support shall be determined by the Council of Ministers;
  • Tax and accounting deadlines are extended;
  • Terms and enforcement under the Tax and Social Securities Procedure Code are suspended.

Should you need any additional information on the above aspects with view to your specific business activities, you can contact us at: [email protected].

The present bulletin provides general information related to the adoption of the Measures and Actions in State of Emergency Act, as it is not exhaustive and is intended to serve only indicatively for the purpose of interpreting the novelties as of 21.03.2020.