#ZaDobroto supported by BCause Foundation helps hospitals and engages employees

The campaign by #ZaDobroto (Forthegood) Project started as early as March 13th with the usual strive of the volunteers group to act immediately and jump to support the medical staff of hospitals get prepared for the nearing threat of the epidemic.

Within the first day, the campaign paid for the first delivery. Within the first week, 3 respirators were purchased for 96K and consumables for 32K were provided to 50 hospitals, NGOs and social institutions.

Companies may organize matching campaigns for employees at the Platformata.bg.

The campaign is raising money for:

  • Covering urgent needs of the hospitals in Sofia and in the country – for extra equipment for oxygen ventilation, additional equipment, protective consumables and supplies, including furnishing and further equipment of hospital rooms, directly related to the crisis.
  • Delivering various kinds of other activities, through which the spread of the virus can be contained.

Donate now here or get in touch with us [email protected] and stay healthy.