BULPROS’ response to support the business during the COVID-19 challenge

As the COVID-19 epidemic caused significant impact on the business and work relations, a lot of companies faced the challenge to implement efficient and secure remote collaboration with employees and partners, to adopt rapidly digital customer care tools, and to mitigate the effect of postponed and even canceled meetings and events. In this challenging times BULPROS recognized as its highest priority to help companies with several immediate solutions which can help organizations stay focused on their employees’ health and core business. The company created the BULPROS Covid-19 Response Pack focused on:

Helping companies move to remote work

BULPROS aims at supporting organizations with its deep expertise in embracing remote work, and offers tools which create an effective digital workplace with all the advantages of agility, team collaboration and connected business applications. The company provides free orientation session to cover the most critical aspects of adopting emergency remote work.

Protecting the remote employees

it is crucial that organizations not only give their employees the opportunity to work remotely but also provide secure ways of doing that. BULPROS helps organizations to empower their employees to communicate safely, to identify malicious emails and act appropriately in such cases to avoid damages. The company made its Email Protection (iQ.Suite) Managed Service platform available free of charge for the next 3 months, to protect the email traffic from unwanted spam messages.

Taking care of the customers

In this situation it is even more important to provide efficient and immediate customer care. That is why the BULPROS Covid-19 Response pack includes instant solutions for delivering customer care services on-line to eliminate the need to meet physically. BULPROS can build-up a virtual assistant and have it available to service on-line customers in just 48 hours.

Transitioning in-person events to virtual events

We can support companies with an alternative to postponing and canceling events and provide organizations with the tools to organize and host virtual events where attendees participate remotely.

You can find out more about the BULPROS Covid-19 Response Pack here

The company experts are working on expanding it with more solutions which will support companies from different industries in these difficult times.