IBM’s response to COVID-19

As part of the IBM team in Bulgaria, we confirm that we will continue to support our clients and business partners during the complex and dynamic situation in the country and the world. As always, IBM teams are here to help organizations in the public and private sectors achieve their goals and fulfill their commitments to citizens, employees and consumers. This is at the heart of our partnership and will continue to be so.

We are marshalling our resources and bringing together the right communities of experts — clients, governments, scientists, developers, partners, academic institutions, health agencies and IBMers — to work together, and manage through the COVID-19 outbreak with what we do best — applying data, knowledge, computing power and insights to solve difficult
problems. Here, we’ll update you on our initiatives — and more will be added as we make progress.

Like you, we are closely monitoring recommendations from The World Health Organization and the local authorities. And we are taking every measure to ensure that IBMers stay safe, healthy and ready to help you. That means ensuring continuity of service and delivery for your mission-critical operations, while looking for opportunities to adapt and advance your business in this new reality.

For The Business

One thing you should not have to worry about at a moment like this is the resiliency of your IT infrastructure and services. Rest assured that IBM has Business Continuity Plans, which are tested on a regular basis. They are being called on as needed on a site-by-site basis as local conditions require.

То ensure that we’re at our best to help you, we’ve temporarily adjusted a few of our business practices For example, with so many people working from home, we are expanding the use of our powerful digital collaboration platforms to continue to partner with you virtually. It won’t slow down our ability to respond to your needs. In affected areas where we are encouraging employees who can work from home to do so, the change will be almost imperceptible. Remote work has been a part of the IBM culture for decades and we take full advantage of it.

Starting March 16, 2020, we are offering organizations the ability to build virtual server configurations up to $500 in value. IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC spin up and scale out on-demand with hourly and monthly billing options for public or dedicated instances — all on our private, global network so you can launch with confidence.

This offer can be redeemed digitally in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Apply the Promotion. Customers should use the code IBM2020 to apply this credit.
  • Step 2: Stand up your VPC environment here
  • Step 3: Provision your Virtual Server

This offer is subject to availability, and there is a three-month time limit with one use per customer. The USD 500 credit is for use with this offer only, not to be applied to other offers.

To learn more about IBM Virtual Servers for VPC, visit here.

We are eliminating the cost of using the IBM Aspera cloud service for high-speed file sharing and team collaboration. Starting March 16, 2020 through April 30, 2020, we are offering organizations the ability to subscribe to IBM Aspera on Cloud for ninety (90) days at no charge. New subscribers will have free use of the SaaS offering for up to 2500 users, 1 terabyte (TB) of data transfer, 1 TB of cloud storage and 10 TBs of egress. This hosted service includes built-in security and allows users located anywhere to fully utilize their available bandwidth to exchange large files and data sets quickly and reliably. As a fully hosted SaaS, there is no infrastructure to deploy and no special networks to configure. After signing up, employees can immediately start sending, receiving and sharing files of any size securely over the public Internet. To learn more about the Aspera on Cloud SaaS visit here. When you are ready to start remote collaboration, sign up for the free, 90-day service, here.

Effective March 23, 2020 through April 30, IBM is offering an extension of the current 30- day IBM Blueworks Live trial to help customers to facilitate remote collaboration with stakeholders and distribute new or changing processes to their workforce. This offer is for a free 90-day subscription to Blueworks Live.

IBM Security has a number of solutions and extended, no-charge access to technologies for helping clients alter their operations and security programs to protect remote employees, protect themselves from cyber-security criminals capitalizing on COVID-19 uncertainty, and address critical security needs. The unprecedented and immediate shift to a work-from-home reality has probably meant that you’re being asked to protect employees across a perimeter that just got much more disparate, while ensuring everyone still has access to the tools and data they needto keep the business moving.

You can learn more and get your 90 days free of charge subscription for the Single Sign On (SSO) and multifactor authentication solution IBM Cloud Identity as well as the unified endpoint management (UEM) platform IBM Security MaaS360.

Clients navigating travel and in-person meeting restrictions and new working environments, and grappling with sudden new challenges with their own client base, and have an immediate need to innovate and deliver quickly to meet the changing demands of their users.

IBM Garage can help by supporting the full IBM Garage life-cycle remotely, and using the IBM Garage Methodology, can help your organization to overcome barriers to addressing emerging business requirements. Don’t let in-person meeting restrictions stop the momentum for your innovation and modernization journeys. Complete the form to request a no-cost IBM Garage Business Framing session held virtually though video conference.

Contact our local team in Bulgaria for more information about these and more IBM technologies offerings for your organization.

To meet the global challenge of COVID-19, the world must come together — and IBM has resources to share. Watch the this webpage for a growing list of offers to help you learn, adapt and overcome.

For Our Community

There’s more that we are doing. IBM has deep responsibility to our community. Our technical and industry leaders are working hard to help government and health agencies monitor and manage the outbreak.

For example, IBM’s Summit supercomputer is helping researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy identify drug compounds to disable the coronavirus.Our IBM Clinical Development system has been made available to national health agencies to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials. Now, in collaboration with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the U.S. Department of Energy and many others, IBM is helping launch the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, which will bring forth an unprecedented amount of computing power—16 systems with more than 330 petaflops, 775,000 CPU cores, 34,000 GPUs, and counting — to help researchers everywhere better understand COVID-19, its treatments and potential cures.

The global scale and speed of disruption in education from the COVID-19 pandemic is “unparalleled” according to the United Nations with an estimated 290 million students impacted globally and growing as several schools and universities are forgoing in-person classes in favor of remote learning. IBM has extended online education resources like IBM Skills, Open P-TECH and IBM AI Education series for teachers. These free programs and courses can give users the tools needed to explore new ideas, careers, and courses – anytime, anywhere. Sign up for the live, free, online webinars here.

From its inception, Call for Code Global Challenge was created to take on society’s most pressing issues, which is why we are expanding this year’s Challenge to address both climate change and COVID-19, two urgent crises that have the power to compromise our health, our planet, and our survival. We’re asking developers, data scientists, and problem solvers to answer the Call. Submit this with your Participation agreement for a chance to win USD 200,00. Deadline is July 31st, 2020. Learn more at the Challenge’s official page.

IBM has managed through many global crises over its 109-year history. We’ve persevered by grounding our decision-making in values that transcend business, and by working together to support each other and the world. This pandemic is a dynamic event, and we will keep you updated as we move through this moment together.For full coverage, follow the updates on the IBM Newsroom.

Together, with our business partner, we can find a way through this for you and your customers. The IBM in Bulgaria and all IBMers are with you.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.
IBM Bulgaria