Cisco provides free licenses to online collaboration platforms during the virus

The emergence of COVID-19 and the global crisis caused by the spread of this infectious disease raises one serious question for businesses of all sizes – from freelancers, entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises to the largest companies. How much are we still dependent on traditional forms of work organization? The emergence of the virus poses enormous risks to employees and their clients – and can also endanger the survival of a business in uncertain times. In this sense, after the health of employees, the health and continuity of business is a core concern of all business organizations. That’s why in the business world, the “stay at home” tip translates to “work from home”.

Working from home (working remotely) is on a massive rise as a result of the outbreak and spread of viruses and this is much more than video conferencing. Remote work has begun to entail access to company networks and data as well as the use of specific applications, file sharing and collaboration, online presentations and 1: 1 meetings, and large video conferencing – has become the true and complete equivalent of working in a shared physical space. To work remotely and keep your business running smoothly, the Cisco Webex platform is a solution.

This is why Cisco is providing free Cisco Webex licenses to individuals and companies of all sizes. Video calls in HD quality, unlimited usage of meetings, document sharing, correspondence and recording are available free of charge.

This is how the fight against online and offline viruses has actually turned into one front. As dangerous as COVID-19 is to the life and health of humans, so are the online viruses and the myriad of malware options – dangerous to the life and health of your business. If you are already working remotely – then take care of the security of your data and networks.

That’s why the Cisco Webex service offer has expanded to three more security platforms that protect associates in distributed teams anytime, across any platform and device.

  • Cisco Umbrella – Protects against malicious Internet destinations and quickly and easily installs a security umbrella around your system. Cisco has not only extended the free limit to existing customers, but also enabled a free license for new customers.
  • Duo Security – Allows organizations to verify user identities and qualify trusted devices before accessing applications. The Zero-trust Duo Security platform minimizes the possibility of breaking into the system. As in the previous case, existing users have been increased their usage limit and new users have a free license.
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client – Allows you to connect and work with corporate laptops and mobile phones and fully control access by security teams. In the spirit of new developments with a worldwide spread infectious disease – Cisco has enabled existing clients to increase the number of workers who can connect to the network, as well as a free license for new users.

In this regard, no matter how much demand for Cisco online collaboration tools has grown since the launch of Covid-19, we can say that it is a pity that the simple and practical tools of online organization and job security are so rapidly adopted by the health crisis. All these tools and principles to optimize, reduce and accelerate work have existed for a number of years and no health crisis was needed to recognize their benefits – but the simple logic of improving the business. That is why as a prevention of all future attacks on your business, we always recommend looking to the future and looking for the right tools and resources for your team.