#IstayAtHome VIVACOM and United Group donate BGN 900,000 to the Ministry of Health to fight COVID-19

VIVACOM and United Group donate BGN 900,000 to the Ministry of Health to help preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Bulgaria. The funds will be transferred to the donation account of the Ministry of Health, which was opened to support emergency hospitals. Several days ago, the ministry announced a donation campaign DMS SOLIDARNOST, which is aiming to gather 5 million levs. The sum, donated by VIVACOM and United group, covers almost 1/5 of the needed fund, which will be used for the most emergent needs of the hospitals in terms of the spreading COVID-19 infection.

The sum covers almost 1/5 of the wholefund of 5 million levs, which Ministry of health aims to gathering with DMS donation campaign

The leading independent telecommunications and media service provider for Southeast Europe, United Group will make donations to fight the disease in all countries in which it operates in the total amount of USD 3 million, out of which USD 1.2 million is donated in cash and USD 1.8 million in medical equipment. The group’s countries of operations include Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia.   In November 2019, United Group has agreed the acquisition of VIVACOM for EUR 1.2 billion, pending regulatory approval, in what is viewed to be one of the biggest transactions in the region.  

Together, we can help fight a pandemic that has drastically changed the lives of millions of people, curtailed personal contacts and struck the global economy. The donation will support the Bulgarian healthcare system, doctors and all healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against the virus. said Victoriya Boklag, CEO of United Group.

„VIVACOM and United Group are aware of the great responsibility they have to society at a time when we are facing an pandemic in a such scale. That is why we have decided to assist the Ministry of Health in their effort to provide the hospitals with everything needed to get this situation over control. I believe that it will be of benefit to the whole community and support medical staff who show unprecedented professionalism in this critical situation.“ said Atanas Dobrev, CEO of VIVACOM.

By the donation of BGN 900,000, VIVACOM and United Group will contribute to taking measures for management of the situation and sooner return to the normal way of living and working for the whole society.

More information about United Group:

The Amsterdam-based United Group is the leading independent provider of telecommunications and media services in Southeast Europe. Thanks to significant investments in digital infrastructure, content and proprietary technologies, the companyprovides market-leading customer services throughout the region. For the past 18 years, United Group has expanded its presence through both natural growth and acquisitions of other companies. It currently employs over 5,360employees and provides services to more than 1,800,000 households.

More information about VIVACOM:

VIVACOM is one of the leading technology companies in Bulgaria. It offers full portfolio of telecom services – fix and mobile voice services, high-speed mobile and broadband internet, payed TV services – IPTV and satellite TV, both for residential and corporate customers.  The company is also well known its innovative M2M solutions, as well as with its services for smart city, digital education, cloud and co-location, Internet of things. VIVACOM is socially responsible company, supporting causes related to education, culture and sport.

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